And that is the point of rounded IDE cables, is it not? However, longer videocards may have problems with the RAM clips getting in the way. Whether you’re using a MSI, Asus or Epox motherboard, Port 80 codes are identical from one platform to another and really do come in handy when you’re faced with a PC that refuses to start up. This shows wisdom on EPoX’s part since there’s nothing more irritating than having to remove cards to flip a jumper or to plug in a USB extension. Hope I can find someone, who’s able to replace them. The CD actually contains some useful programs like Symantec Ghost and PC-illin which makes the package a lot more valuable.

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EPoX 9NPA+ Ultra (nForce 4 Ultra AMD) Motherboard Review

Each wire has been individually cut, so molding the around objects in the PC chassis is much easier. EPoX is well aware of this issue and even took time to document it in their manual.

Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon UK’s website. The nice thing about computers is that if you do your homework, you can buy yourself a very modular system from the start, which can be ‘renovated’ later in life without much fuss.

Northbridge a little close to the socket. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone. Beginning with the original nForce chipset nfoece the AMD Athlon chipsets, nVidia had a very rocky start with extremely poor chipset and memory controller performance as well as a poor MCP – it simply was avoided like the plague.


So what options available that won’t break the budget when it comes to a dual videocard motherboard? However, I suspect many of you will be using just one of them.

EPoX Computer

I suspect the EPoX has made a mistake on their website by stating support for eppx USB devices since there are only 4 USB ports on the rear and one extra connector on the motherboard for a total of 6 devices. Like any electrical device, keeping it cool is a good idea. Epox was one of the first manufacturers to bring these kinds of tool to enthusiasts, and it’s great to see them make their way down to the mainstream products such as this nForce SLI based platform.

Epox include a collection of eight small blue VRAM heatsinks with adhesive one side which can be stuck to anything you think needs a little extra cooling.

EPoX EP-AF+ Ultra – motherboard – ATX – Socket AM2 – nForce Overview – CNET

This is particularly annoying as there are customers who also use their 5. Having them closer to the nofrce of the motherboard would have been a better choice. And that is the point of rounded IDE cables, is it not? Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon’s website.

EPoX 9NPA+ Ultra (nForce 4 Ultra AMD) Motherboard Review

Hope I can find someone, who’s able to replace them. This chipset brought nVidia into the high point of chipset production, with greater support and performance than anything that SiS or VIA was able to produce.

Beginners Guides Cases and Access. A nice little feature is the displaying of PC health information “Magic Health” feature along the bottom of the initialization screen. There are 4 USB 2.


The nForce 3 and the nForce 3 Pro came out supporting the Socket and pin packages respectively. For instance if you want to play some fast paced games, nfoece better off picking up a dual videocard capable motherboard now, so you don’t have to upgrade it later.

You can find products similar to this one for sale below. Read on and find out. About Us Employment Privacy Policy. At the front of the manual for easy reference is a table of common diagnostic LED error codes and solutions. Magic Flash is a tool that needs a lot of improvement. EPoX does give some treatment to technical support in the package. In my Antec case 21″ tallthe 18″ IDE cable did not have enough slack to reach.

Logitech’s intelligent solution to their smart home restores Harmony. It’s likely that most of us no longer have any use for this legacy port, so Epox have shifted it to a motherboard header just below the last PCI slot.

Enthusiasts tend to focus on temperatures a lot, and so it’s surprising to note that Epox have also thrown in a small thermistor sensor on a short cable with the EP-MF SLI motherboard.

For instance when I play ‘Ghost Recon: The temperature readings show up in the BIOS and in Nforcs Thunder Probe temperature monitoring software should you choose to install it.