Please contact your vendor directly for these support files. Does it have 6 channel sound? Epox Ep – 8rda Sound Driver. The nForce2 chipset has very generous memory settings which enables you to optimize the system very well no matter how good the quality of the memory is. It’s really annoying when you can’t open or. This can both stop the air flow and be in the way of other things in the case.

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We have even done a few different tests with memory frequencies on the nForce2 card to further explore the problems with asynchronous memory speeds. And then your laptop starts to work abnormally? If we look at the integrated features the card offers the powerful sound processor is the one to extinguish itself. You DO have Soundstorm but in order to use it and Dolbyyou have to buy the. If there is anything wrong it is sond to find what the problem is with the help of the combination.

One word which is often connected to the nForce chipsets is SoundStorm, which however is a bit of a woolly concept. I have th same Motherboard. And this is of course another reason for us to look closer at overclocking, if not only to satisfy our own curiosity. The possibilities to overclock are very good, but unfortunately there is also a setback here. However we believe that nVidia or the motherboard manufacturers could improve the performance a bit more on 88rda nForce2 chipset but we are more than pleased with the present performance.


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Since JK2 and Quake3 use the same graphics engine the differences between the systems get more or less unimportant, only the numbers differ. Please contact your vendor directly for these support files. The accessories you get with the card 8rra more or less what is needed to use the card, device drivers and several small programs. I’ll most likely be getting a It’s really annoying when you can’t open or.

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Tue Mar 11, 7: The conclusion is that the nForce2 chipset clearly works best with synchronized bus speeds whether the DualDDR-support is used or not. Before we move on with the performance tests we have as usual found out the effective clock frequencies on the two motherboards.

The Abit NF7 looks like a good board too. EPoX remains true to itself bringing out an inexpensive board even on the most drivers;; DirectX a;; several system monitoring utilities;; Boostek;; Adobe Acrobat aound controller based on the chipset’s capabilities and Avance Logic.

Overclocking is something that often needs to be analyzed through the different BIOS settings which exist since the days of the “jumper” are long since past. ChrisReidApr 12, Eox Mar 14, 1: Total 1 download for Utility.

There is also the possibility to get this information shown during boot sequence which can be a good assistance. If you think you’re have a hardware problem, just look at the Port80 card and it’ll tell you whether something is broken with a quick reference to the manual. In the device manager I can see the card but when I run M-Audio’s driver installation package it thinks the card isn’t there.


I need drivers 1 Will the sound work since it mentions something about it on the nvidia page. Then it might even be best to change the whole cooler to a more efficient one.

Epox 8RDA – 6 channel sound? (and nForce2 questions)

SPECviewperf is also the only “realistic” test which gives an big advantage to the DDRsystem in spite of the asynchronous speeds. I need drivers for sound and the chipset.

During regular usage the south bridge gets very warm and it is almost as if it stings a bit if you hold your finger for a while on the chip. What does it show in the device manager? Can someone answer this for me? In the bios, it shows an AGP Sound error. Honestly speaking we got surprised over the fact that any heat at all could be conducted with such sond bad contact surface.