In order to improve the “User Experience” in multi-device setups, all control panel settings are now stored per device. Hope you like the artwork ;-. This used to be a minor annoyance in systems with more than one audio device. Improve support for some multi-channel devices and fix an issue with devices that did show up in the device list but no sample rate could be set Actual error message depends on how much your sequencer got confused by that More cards should be able to run on Add workaround for some weird Reason behavior. Caused by third party audio capture software, even after deinstallation of said software. WaveRT support now also includes event notification mode as well as support for very basic implementations with no position register.

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Hardware buffering would consume insane amounts of CPU time with the beta 1 on some systems. Make an attempt to reclaim an unavailable audio device, includes workaround for a confirmed Windows bug.

VIA VTT Envy24MT sound drivers for Microsoft Windows Vista 64bit

Whether this effort is continued or not largely depends on the willingness of individuals to spend a day or two translating stuff into their native tongue – solely for being given credit. Changes since version 2. Used to be broken in Vista ksthunk.


Changes in version 2. Some localizations are still in the pipe. W is gone since soon he will be indeed. Audigy LS now works with inputs enabled also. Direct DMA Buffer mode has been tweaked a little for better performance needs testing As a negative side effect, things may need a longer time to get in sync after you start the application or apply some changes in the control panel.

Put in stuff that is supposed to provide a workaround for a Conexant HD Audio input issue.

ASIO not finding Envy24?

Otherwise, the behaviour should be entirely transparent. Agressive device re-ordering as of beta 2 softened down somewhat. General workaround for all host applications that happen to drop BufferSwitch calls. The driver now generally also works under all user privilege levels down to and envu24 the “guest” account. Jun 23, at 8: Also, an issue has been fixed that would have made it impossible to set a reasonable Input Delay on some systems.

Fix an issue that could potentially have made the driver fail when opened a second time.

WinXP ASIO support for VIA ENVY24 HT-S?

Some more minor performance tweaks an other things. This is experimental, though.

ASIO not finding Envy24? Also, the manual has been updated with some information on using ReWuschel.


Fix issue that certain configurations e. Add one more instance of a workaround for the Conexant Asi Audio input issue. Do it like the rest of the Industry do: Remove excess outputlatency under the followingconditions: Changed the behavior of the Control Panel somewhat: Switching between devices will recall previously applied settings.

Your username or email address: Suddenly you’ll realize that things do not necessarily have to crackle if you move stuff around the screen. Update 21 August Enable operation with devices that have no inputs.

There was a race condition that caused Sonar to crash on occasion. If you are a Propellerhead reading this: Support a number of sample rates on the ASIO side that the audio device does not physically support. I envvy24 received a response from the Propellerheads and it seems that my error description below is not entirely correct. Can i connect maya U5 and virtual dj program?