About the Manual The manual consists of the following: Choose a case that accommodates this form factor. If the driver you want to install does not have a setup program, browse to the operating system subfolder and locate the readme text file README. Other product names used in this manual are the properties of their respective owners and are acknowledged. The clock speed and system bus are determined by the kind of processor you have installed in your system. This chapter provides explanations for Setup Utility options. This item lets you install a software power down that is controlled by the power button on your system.

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Install new BIOS as follows: The screens and driver lists will be different according to the motherboard you are installing.

The second jack is for stereo line-out signal. An item installation screen appears: You a740gm–m be able to change these settings by making changes to jumpers on the motherboard, or changing the settings in the system Setup Utility. Audio Ports Use the three audio jacks to connect audio devices.

On most motherboards, there are small surface-mount resistors near the processor socket, which may be damaged if the cooling fan is carelessly installed.

When the Exit Without Saving dialog box appears, select [OK] to discard changes and exit, or select [Cancel] to return to the main menu.

Secure the metal bracket fcs the card to the system case with a screw. If you enable this item, the system can automatically resume if there is an incoming call on the Modem. TXT or something similar.



Installing the Motherboard in a Case Refer to the following illustration and instructions for installing the motherboard in a case. Other options lead to dialog boxes that prompt you for information. You must use an ATX power supply in order to use this feature.

You can use the sub menu to change the supervisor password. Attach the other cable end to the SATA hard drive. The clock speed and system bus are determined by the kind of processor you a740fm-m installed in your system. Neither this manual, nor any of the material contained herein, may be reproduced without written consent of the author.

ECS A740GM-M – 1.0 – motherboard – micro ATX – Socket AM2+ – AMD 740G

For some add-on cards, for example graphics adapters and network adapters, you have to install drivers and software before you can begin using the add-on card. Onboard parallel port header This is a header that can ba used to laan to the printer, scanner or other devices. The next chapter covers the BIOS. You set this value to No to free up an IRQ.

EXE by double-clicking the file and then following the instructions on the screen. EXE that automatically detects your operating system before installation. DOC file in the root directory.

ECS A740GM-M – 8.0 – motherboard – micro ATX – Socket AM2+ – AMD 740G

Using BIOS 31 Boot Other Device Yes When enabled, the system searches all other possible locations for an operating system if it fails to find one in the devices specified under the First, Second and Third boot devices.


Use this item to determine the device order the computer kan to look for an operating system to load at start-up time. Follow the instructions on the screen to install the items. The manufacturer reserves the lab to revise this publication and to make changes from time to time in the content hereof without obligation of the manufacturer to notify any person of such revision or changes.

Before installing an add-on card, check the documentation for the card carefully. The main menu of the Setup Utility displays a list of the options that are available.

You must select taskbar icon Run Blocked Program and run Reboot Setup to install the next driver, until you finish all drivers installation. TXT, or something similar.

Before installing the Processor This motherboard automatically determines the CPU clock frequency x740gm-m system bus frequency for the processor. Ensure that the edge connector is correctly seated in the slot. Connect the equipment onto an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected.