If you already have a version then you will be asked if you wish to overwrite it or to use your existing installed version. The License Manager then transmits a network packet to the license server at Easysoft. As long as you stop all running applications on Windows , or any software either from Easysoft or using Easysoft drivers on Unix , it is safe to reinstall or upgrade the Easysoft Data Access for ISAM without uninstalling. Choose the type of license you require, enter your machine number and then click Continue. The License Manager displays a summary of the information entered and a choice of methods with which to apply for a license:.

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Select the highest release available for your platform easyspft your licensed major version number installing software of a different major version number requires a new Easysoft license. Why do I get error “libodbc.

Easysoft ODBC-ISAM Driver Getting Started Guide

The system begins to remove all the components. You will need to complete the offline licensing procedure as explained in Completing the offline licensing procedure. A security notice is then displayed, which the user is recommended to follow by immediately updating the password for the default database owner ” dbo ” which was created during the install.

First time visitors must complete the new user form and click Register. The name and company that you enter here will become the defaults in the License Manager later on. In particular, Microsoft Outlook odbx-isam cause the installation routine to pause for several minutes when you start it.

Each of these methods involves providing Easysoft with information including your machine number a number unique to your machine and then waiting to receive your license key. Only your license request identifier and contact details as they are displayed in the License Manager main screen are sent to Easysoft. For details of how to link to this test data to check if the installation of Easysoft Data Access for ISAM has been successful, see “Querying a data source on Windows” on page You will not be able to query the sample data source if you have still to complete the odbd-isam licensing procedure.


You can now download a file and begin the installation process. The Telephone and Facsimile fields are important if you require Easysoft to contact you by those methods. Complete the licensing, as explained in Completing the offline licensing procedure and then try running demosql. I need to set some ODBC statement attributes but my application does not let me do this. There will be a short delay while setup prepares the wizard to guide you through the rest of the install procedure before the Welcome dialog box is displayed: When you receive the license key, you can activate it either by double-clicking the email attachment or easysoff clicking Enter License on the License Manager main screen and pasting the license key into the dialog box.

The Unix installation assumes you are, or have available for consultation, a system administrator. Select odbc-lsam to exit. Links to the Easysoft web site at http: Why can’t I connect to the License Daemon?

Why do not my PHP scripts appear to run on the web server? Note that your personal Internet options may require you to login and click Continue if you have previously registered. The easysovt of components that you require to download in order to configure Easysoft Data Access for ISAM varies depending on the platforms on which you wish to run.



If shared components seem not to be required, you will be prompted to decide whether or not to delete them. If you need help, use the Solution Wizard to build a solution with Easysoft products.

General – Licensing What happens to my licenses when I odbc–isam the product? Place the distribution file in a temporary directory on your Unix machine. If the distribution file has been bzip 2ed i. Enter y if you wish to provide remote ODBC access to your data.

Data Access for ISAM User Manual – Introduction

Easysoft Consultancy Services Our onsite and offsite consultancy enables our customers to keep their attention focused on the systems that run their businesses while we take care of the data access layer. This link is necessary for licensing to work.

If you obtained licenses and you want to add them now, enter y. This is the quickest and easiest method unless easysoftt firewall or other network obstacles prevent the message from getting through.

If the install script detects possible new licenses in the file licenses. The Easysoft license responder puts an attachment in its outgoing emails that allows Windows users to activate their licenses with a double-click.