Unfortunately, the Mac documentation for this print server is almost non-existent. With simple configuration and high wireless network speeds, the DPR makes it easy to share multiple devices over the network and reduces the time required to send print jobs to the print server. To install a printer, plug it into one of the four USB ports on the back of the DPR and run through the server setup wizard using any Internet browser. Adding printers to a network either means buying them with networking built in, which is expensive, or using a printer server to give non-networked printers network access. At this point, I took a proactive early step and made the dlink dpr a static ip so that it is not flaky on my network. If this is the case, you need to trouble shoot, starting from the physical always , by testing your cable connections, snap them in again.

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Sorry – I see I said Command-click before – use Control-click.

After several minutes, if you have the patience, you will be greeted with the error dpr-2160 “Operating system not supported. Unfortunately, the Mac documentation for this print server is almost non-existent.

Ask a question Reset. If you just click on ‘more printers’ then you will not see ‘Advanced’ and will not get to these other fields that are so critical to this set-up Now I can hear the purring of pages printing off in the dpe-1260 room I am a happy chappy! You have to move to the scanner to load the original, and back to your PC to start the scan, too.


Try hooking up by USB again and this time select the Gutenprint driver to test it. I had actually plunked through pretty well with getting visiting Mac family members to network print to my Samsung ML until somewhere around I recently purchased ,ac D-Link DPR multifunction print server, and I’ve been able to share print and scan functions with both Windows and Mac computers on my home network.

D-Link DPR | TechRadar

Here’s how it config’ed successfully finally: For Small and unobtrusive device. Mar 3, I believe this is much easier on an Apple Airport Express, but it’s almost twice the price too.

You have to do this on each PC and for each printer you want to use, but it’s a once-only configuration.

Nano 7 – backgrounds Look for the ‘recommended’ beside it. Just a warning – with I have read all the posts everywhere on the DPR and so far nothing can make it print from the imac, running Leopard.

How to install the DPR on Mac Os X

You may notice that you do NOT have a connection. I have been trying for days to set it up to work from my iMac with no luck. I have not attempted to set it up wirelessly yet as there is no point unless I can print from a Mac.

You will also see several wireless links on the left hand nav. I’d love to add to the last post, as I found some further information that you may find helpful. Device and URL etc.


How can I get my DPR‑1260 to work with Mac OS X?

In my case, TM backup via Max. Everything went per the book when I installed it by using my rock solid 7 yr old ThinkPad, wireless printing was a breeze in about 30 rpr-1260 start to finish.

In my case it was assigned Printing a file on a network printer is seamless, and users can easily control the scanning of documents and photos directly from their computers. Simultaneous Operation of Dpr-11260 Printers With 4 multifunction printer connections from a single device, the DPR is the perfect choice for environments where space or price is a concern. This assumes of course that you have dhcp enabled on your router in the first place.

Mar 6, 2: At this point, I took a proactive early step and made the dlink dpr a static ip so that it is not flaky on my network. At this point, according to the manual you are to kac on the ‘setup’ tab, unfortunately, this does nothing but spin your ‘working’ icon. Hold down the Option key while clicking on More Printers