Then simply pick up the handset, press , to indicate to the DPHU that this is not a standard call but a Skype call, you will hear a new dial-tone, press the speed dial number e. This installation guide should be used if you have a standard DSL or cable modem and no. Connect a telephone cable between the DPHU line jack and a wall jack as shown below. Cisco Small Business Pro. PC with the following minimum specifications: As a reader, I am here trying to fill in what you have missed in your posts. Quick Installation Guide V1.

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It uses SIP More information. The folder containing the recordings can be accessed by pressing the Open Folder button. Please read this manual before using this product and save for future More information. Audio Help for Webinar Attendees. If you have no new voic i. To answer receive a standard phone call just pick up the handset when the phone rings.

There are two common scenarios for this. This installation guide should be used if you have a standard DSL or cable modem and no More information.

DPHU VoIP USB Phone Adapter Quick User Guide – PDF

PC with the following minimum specifications: Wave Phone works just like other home phone services you may be used to, though it does require some equipment that you may not be familiar with. This is useful if you are traveling abroad and want to make a low cost local call in the geographical location that the DPHU is in. Note that this is optional and only required for dpg-50u forwarding and conferencing features.


This phone is especially designed for active users in the office environment. Telephone regular telephone, cordless phone, DECT phone, 5. Right click on the Skype Agent green telephone in the Windows System Tray and select configure as shown below. When the uninstall indicator disappears, the un-installation is complete.

August 7th, More information. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.

Types of software installed on your computer varies depending on the method of installation. Work On-Line connected directly.

Automatic recording is controlled through the Call Recorder screen by selecting one of the following: Don’t let Skype run unattended for more than 24 dp-h50u unless you want it to switch into a supernode to serve other using your bandwidth.

Softphone Getting Started Guide.

DPH-50U VoIP USB Phone Adapter Quick User Guide

You can only use one adapter per computer of pinux same type, so beware if you think the Dlink and USR are different types, they are not. University Systems Client Technologies. The following procedures describe installing More information. Simply proceed to install the DPHU software and it will resolve the issue.


When you have a new Skype voic that you have not listened to, you will hear an intermittent beep in linu VoIP dial tone. A Wave Technician will connect a small device called a More information.

Review: D-Link Skype USB Phone Adapter DPHU – Communications – – Page 2

lihux No computers needed, let alone its performance doesn’t depend on a computer; thus, it’s cheaper to operate costs much less to operaterequires less space. Pick up the handset and follow the instructions.

This means a waste in time and your Skype facility will be in question. Well the beauty about this is if you set it up via my suggestions “For Windows,lol”, since things run as system services, when doh-50u is restored, no logon is required, so, things should recover without human intervention if your system is set up properly. Cisco G and G Table of Contents: The reviewed unit here is easy to work with I did read that there is a glitch in the installer in other reviews on Amazonand running OpenWRT is not for most users out there, and so it’s comparing apples and oranges.