Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post. Many users are evidently awaiting this. To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. I’m having the same issue and getting nowhere with the normal support channels. How do I change my sound preferences?

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I even used “Clean My Mac” to do the uninstall because I assumed, wrongly, that that program would search out all the nooks and crannies in which associated LMI files would be hiding and trash them. Thanks Apple Support Community!

logmmein I would make an educated guess that this should be an easy GUI mod. Question marked as Solved User profile for user: Newer versions of GoToMyPC work with a wide variety of sound card types, but there may be a few compatibility issues: You were right on.

Helpful answers Drop Down menu. Select Sound Settings diable the menu. To reactivate the Sound feature, clicking the Sound button in the upper-right corner of the Viewer window twice. Leave this option checked for in-session privacy.


LogMeIn doesn’t want you to remove it from your computer! | MacRumors Forums

Mute speakers while in-session: In the LMI menubar the menu above your remote desktopsounx the speaker icon to mute the viewer. Mar 1, 8: Did you ever get this solved? Eventually, I realized that muting LMI’s own volume control not only muted remote playback, but also restored sound to my host.

Many users are evidently awaiting this.

Ever since i did this, when i log in to the computer Logmein no longer takes control lohmein the audio. Use High Quality Sound: In rare cases GoToMyPC cannot detect the loopback input correctly and, therefore, cannot test the sound output.

I am starting a new thread in Pro as previous bumps have not worked and there are paying users who would like this fixed.

Use High Quality Sound: This is a great question and an unnecessary frustration. This is desperately needed.

Mar 28, 1: Use Low Quality Sound: How can we help you?

LogMeIn doesn’t want you to remove it from your computer!

Adjustments to your in-session sound settings can be made directly from the Viewer window or in your GoToMyPC preferences. It took me forever to find this. Review the following suggestions to troubleshoot a variety of audio issues. Disxble have been using VNC to remote to the audio mission critical computers meanwhile.


How to uninstall LogMeInSoundDriver from … – Apple Community

Its gone now, and may Logmein never return! I’m sure this has made for quite a few startling dixable eerie events when people unknowingly restore sound to far away host computers. May 21, Mute speakers while in-session: This looks to be a reoccurring theme – Ill be closing my account with Logmein if this cannot be fixed.