And packed with a more powerful brain that G can’t cope with. Coupon valid only in the USA. Along with the usual collection of game demos and low-powered graphics software, the V comes with Gremlin Interactive’s race game Motorhead. While a TNT chip manufactured using a 0. But it is only a matter of time that they’ll do it. Does much the same thing as Direct3D and Glide , but does it on any computer you care to name. I run by in 16 bit colour; many users have reported less dramatic increases or even speed decreases from the Detonator drivers.

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And we managed to get it here for you.

Diamond Viper V graphics card – Riva TNT – 16 MB Overview – CNET

If you want to play Unreal, forget it until the TNT drivers start working with it. Does much the same thing as Direct3D and Glidebut does it on any computer you care to name.

Saving both slot space and your pocket. Overall Rating Out of a maximum of 5 Star. It must also do it at a reasonable refresh rate.

Review: Diamond Viper V graphics card

Again, woe betide you if your processor’s not fast enough, as TA is still eminently capable of bringing an arbitrarily fast computer to its knees, but seeing that much more of the battlefield is definitely groovy.

Cards that do more than 24 bit use the extra bits for mixing channels and other funky stuff – 24 bit is more colours than the viepr can discern already. For more info on what the heck this means, check out my guide to all flavours of video diammond.


Upgrading to the latest BIOS fiper cure some incompatibility problems. Adjusting the “gamma” of an image or of an image acquisition device gives you a way of brightening or darkening without losing as much detail as a straight brightness adjustment.

And if you’ve got a slower computer – anything under a Pentium II – the TNT’s full benefits will not be available to you. The platform-independent 3D graphics interface standard, with different flavours developed by Silicon Graphics and Microsoft.

Diamond Viper V550 graphics card – Riva TNT – 16 MB Series

Hype doe s not always live up to it’s name. Diamond Viper V graphics card Review date: Installation of the card is a no-brainer. If you’ve got a fast CPU, the TNT chipset gives you very fast, very good-looking 3D, 2D far faster than anyone needs, and supports ludicrously high resolutions. Diamond’s TNT board is not the fastest implementation of the chipset, but all of ’em are much the same hardware-wise.

Some, like Incoming, come in different versions for different colour depths. Fremont SE by Portola Dimensional. In the higher resolutions and bit depths remember, Voodoo cards can’t even do 32 bit colour in 3D the V’s score on the Massive1 multiplayer demo is close to its score on the standard demo2 test, diamobd its minimum framerate, as reflected by the brutal Crusher demo, is also right up there.

Diamond Viper V550 graphics card

What TNT means is that it has the ability to process data with 2 texel engine instead of just one. Monstrous resolutions at high refresh rates, better-than-Voodoo 2 performance in the same graphics modes, support for higher resolutions at useful speeds on quite affordable processors – I think we have a diamknd. The TNT chipset supports 3D, Z-Buffered, resolutions of up to x and, like the Matrox G, does support bit rendering giving it a slight visual advantage over 3Dfx’s Voodoo2 chipset.


In contrast, the vlper TNT drivers work very well. Games with funkier engines that do fog mixing and similar tricks benefit more djamond from 24 bit, but since going for 16 bit will let you run a higher resolution at the same speed, most gamers opt for fewer colours.

Even a MHz machine will produce low-ish Quake 2 framerates in by or by All of this goes for other Unreal-engine games, like Klingon Honor Guard, too. According to the first press releases directly from nVidia, the Riva TNT chipset was supposed to be manufactured using a 0. In both 16 bit and 32 bit modes, the V delivers gorgeous 2D and 3D graphics.

So here they are:. If you remember the comparison between virtually any two Voodoo2 accelerators, it usually came down 5500 a comparison of software bundles or drivers. That’s not a good thing, though. And packed with a more powerful brain that G can’t cope with.

In Quake-2, the image looks beautiful and stunning. There are still some of you who do not know that the current shipment is based on a.