The OSD operation buttons are very subtle and located on the bottom right hand edge of the screen. The sRGB emulation did reduce the colour space though to a similar degree as the U It seemed some colours were being dropped, and in darker shades gradients were no longer smooth. Storing it above this limit may result in damaging the display. I have had this monitor for about ten day’s now and couldn’t be happier.

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I think the obvious performance advantages in terms of default colour accuracy, factory calibration and user-calibration output separate the U quite considerably from its predecessor. No issues here, just confirmation of the extended colour space.

” Dell UltraSharp U – Specifications

The following summarises the Dell U’s performance in video applications: It does have a lot of adjustability, just not a huge range. This could be of importance to those wanting to game on the screen.

Dynamic contrast ratio disfunctional and exagerated. Can’t find anything suitable around I am trying to figure out the best monitor resolution I can buy and hook up to my new macbook at dislpay. It came with all the cables necessary. No Colors The maximum number of colors, which the display is able to reproduce, depends on the type of the panel in use and color enhancing technologies like FRC.


Show More Show Less. Some of the standard and widely used aspect ratios are 4: There is some good info at this site about the technical stuff https: This was picked up in this test as well and you will see the trial image is a little less obvious on the U With quick cyclic switching between different color tones, an illusion for a new intermediate color tone is created.

The multimedia preset didn’t noticeably change the appearance from our standard preset though.

Operating humidity The operating humidity shows the acceptable level of humidity, in which the display will function flawlessly. However, the capability is at least there with the newer model. This was not a problem on the U thankfully, but I wanted to check whether calibration of the standard profile on the U produced any different results to our already very good calibration above.

Dell UltraSharp U3011 30″ Widescreen LCD Monitor

I was interested to see if this factory calibration helped at all with default settings. It was free from the off-centre contrast shift which you see from VA matrices. In bright images, the backlight is increased, and in darker images, it is descreased.

The rest of the features, interfaces and ergonomic adjustments remain pretty much the same. The card reader is also useful I think and a nice feature which Dell have included for several years now.


You can u30011 our settings and calibrated ICC profile on your U as well if you want. Average input lag of the U was Very easy, just plug and play This was reduced to It would be an excellent choice for any multi-tasking applications where you need to split the screen into sections. Approximate diagonal size of the display.

29.77″ Dell UltraSharp U3011 – Specifications

Information about the minimum amount of time, in which the pixels change from one color to another. As a reminder, a series of pictures are taken on the highest shutter speed and compared.

All corrections would be carried out by the automatic calibration process and at a graphics card LUT level.

These emulation modes work to varying degrees, and we’ve seen some which offer absolutely no reduction in the colour space e. This is a bit smaller than a standard 24″ model which is 0.