Ant pretty much hit it on the button. He could sweep a draw with a driver with some significant curvature. It is important to remember that changing any of the factors listed above will change the swingweight and therefore the feel of the club. His slowest ball speed was about MPH. He was facilitating the test—Brian and I were there for technical support when he needed it. But they have come to discover that a heavier head and even heavier combo can create more smash factor. Over all Both headsare

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DJ is one of them, no doubt about it. Playing cricket for Surrey, the Curran brothers are all-rounders and know their way around with a cricket ball. A match ill get a pretty good understanding of how swinwgeight all stack against the kimg of,drivers.

Most Titleist clubs come standard at D2 e cept the Vokey wedges they are heaver.

Guide To Swingweight

It boggles my mind that Bryson DeChambeau’s driver is B9. The faster your ss, the higher the swingweight needs to be.

First v8 foremost, we wanted to address the golf ball.

Santiago Golf, on 04 October – But i dont see how anyone can get good results if you cant feel the head Click the button below to submit your question or topic today. Every player has this challenge of using a ball that either has better iron performance at the expense of losing spin around the green or a ball with more spin around the green at the expense of iron performance—it’s that choice.


We took a similar design to what he was playing and made the topline a little thinner and took out some of the offset. Is the optimal option to use heads that are custom fabricated for particular lengths? Too many people look at flex and swing speed in a one dimension. Click here to learn more about Terry. His feedback on golf balls he’s played in the past was that his Nike ball was pretty good in the wind, but it lacked control around the swingweighg Edited by Matt J, 02 October swingweiight Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality.

It was clear as day how incredibly well the TP5x was working for him. The vspec i was plYing same course same conds same everything as the day before and the maxima was.

How Rory McIlroy got fitted into TaylorMade M2 Driver, M2 Fairway, TP5x Ball, P Irons

The shaft weight changed by no more than grams. And the maxima was longer on 3 the vspec dispersion was much much much tighter and distance dispersion was waytighter the maxima was no where near as tight in grouping nor length but it was clearly longer. Todd S Beavercreek, OH. What are you suggesting exactly?

He’s making a decision that’s going to help him win golf tournaments—and that’s how it felt he approached the fitting. It almost seems that you are saying that swingweight is meaningless.


Leaving all other components the same, the swingweight will change to somewhere in the low- to mid-C range, again about points for each half inch of adjustment.

I used that driver for a couple of years.

But I make sure to keep sw up to D2. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. I absorbed your adventure like a sponge! Expert editorial reviews, breaking golf tour and industry news, what to play, how to play and where to play.

Rory Mcilroy Taylormade Fitting – D8 Swingweight!

You are currently viewing the forum as a guest which does not give you access to all the great features at GolfOpinions such as viewing all the images, interacting with existing members and access to certain forums. Moral ive leanred here is the head weight makes as much difference to swinwgeight club as anything elese if u want to get repeatable driveing done. We didn’t have the Tour Truck there, and he swingwsight brought a mobile Tour truck through an airplane.

The advantage our ball has is that it’s so much better in the wind—what happened with his old ball at Augusta won’t happen with TP5x.