I wondered about that how they are bowed. The springs were at a really steep upward rake because of the shape of the frame which caused a clearance issue between the drag link and the passenger spring when making a left turn. Sound like you have really been working hard on getting this project going, cant wait untill you get dora on the road. The stock gears and hubs on whatever axle you choose shouldn’t matter anyway. Find all posts by Taylor.

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D3O and SAS-Tec technologies – Probikeshop

The steering will have to be changed since you can see that its at a pretty severe angle right now but since I’m poor I’ll deal with the steering for a few months till I can purchase a Rusty’s D30 crossover steering upgrade.

But that looks like a lot of threads showing on the joint. I’m using Skyjacker 4″-6″ lift extended brake lines and they bolted up fine to the stock D30 brake caliper Heres how the coils are sitting right now on the stock coil bucket. And leaves just won’t flex quite like coils haha. Find all posts by comunistico. Plus if you blow out a ball joint while it’s on the truck is down for a day while you get it fixed, if you do balljoints now you won’t have that issue.


D3 not working f30 that thing with just that jack under the front are you?

The stock gears and hubs on whatever axle you choose shouldn’t matter anyway. Originally Posted by Downey. I guess id have to see how it all goes.

t5cents official d30 SAS thread – Ranger-Forums – The Ultimate Ford Ranger Resource

Yeah the XJ axle is definitely high pinion. Since the XJ D30s use an offset 4 link system and I didn’t wanna run a traditional radius arm system I’m gonna fab up something similar to a Rusty’s long arm kit for an XJ. It doesn’t leave you much room sad brackets and whatnot and if you go coils they’ll be bowed because the frame is too wide for the axle.

Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Finally got to talk to the local jeep expert and he told me what to go find and to not worry if its one of the stupid jeep CAD axles xas thats so easy to fix.

Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Protective equipment is indispensable for any regular BMX or off-road rider.

D30 SAS progress

Find all posts by 98liftedranger. I have a u pull it full of them in all configurations. So with some research I found that maybe the GC axle is regular rotation while the XJ cherokee is reverse rotation.

Did some measurements the other day and used jackstands to just kinda get a feel for how I want the truck to sit Also a list of measurements I took for reference.


Just a pre disc one previous owner put it in.

I’m gonna be running my 32x The question I have to start this thread is basically whats the difference between a Cherokee axle and a Grand Cherokee axle? I’ve been oxy welding for a few years and its pretty similar to TIG. The 1 Ford Explorer enthusiast resource on the Internet since To meet these requirements, manufacturers work with smart 3d0 which are not just used in sport but also in industry and the military.

D3O and SAS-Tec technologies

March 6, Messages: It has the brake setup plus its readily available for parts. My plan is to basically use all the jeep steering and maybe their coils.

The basic plan is a copy of what t5cents did https: Dont know if any of these will help me but its always eas to data log Axle center to fender. These cookies allow us to improve the usability of our website thanks to the analysis of visitor use.

October 3, Messages: July 14, Messages: