Close the document processor after use. Remove the paper from the machine. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Page 52 Scanning Functions Using a scan You can use an existing settings file. Right-click the file settings file name for the settings you want to use and click Load. Press [Copy Mode] to select the desired mode. Combine Mode Copy Functions Once all of the originals have been scanned, press.

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Press to select Custom and press [OK]. Contrast Adjusts the range between the darkest and the lightest shades in the image. C-copia Functions Click Preview or Scan to preview or scan d-copoa document s.

Loading Paper Load the printed sheet in the printed face-down position on the Manual Feed Tray again, and print the rear side. If you selected Custom Mode, select Universal serial bus USB to select connection method, and follow the on- screen instructions.

Olivetti d-Copia MF / d-Copia MF Product Library by Kyocera – Should I Remove It?

Remove the paper from the machine. If you order by 5: Always grasp the power plug when removing the power cord from the outlet. The paper sizes are marked on the cassette.


Close the original cover. Troubleshooting 10 Troubleshooting General Guidelines The table below provides basic solutions for problems you may encounter with the machine.

Close the document processor after d-copai.

Go to checkout Add item s to shopping cart. X-copia And Safety Copying or other reproduction of all or part of this guide and any copyrightable subject matters without the prior written consent of Olivetti S.

Item Description Lists information on the settings and environments of Unsubscribe at any time. Very easy even for private users.

Maintenance Open the Front Cover. Mode Description Copies four originals onto one sheet.

High voltage is present in the charger section. Combine Mode The images from either 2 or 4 originals can be reduced and combined onto a single copy. The trademarks used on our website are used solely for the description of products. Drum Refresh System Settings Access Press [Copy Mode] to select the desired mode. Other Precautions Legal and Safety During copying, some ozone is released, but the amount does not cause any ill effect to one’s health.


Copy Functions Placing a Thick Original on the Platen When copying from an original which cannot be placed in the document processor books, magazines, etc. Please set paper according to the instruction when paper side is directed.

Page of 97 Go. Digital multifunction system saddle stitch finisher pages. Push the cassette back into the printer.

Olivetti D-Copia-164MF

Close the Left Cover. We suggest you consult this table to troubleshoot the problems before calling for service. Your details are safe with us!

Close the scan unit. If the jammed paper appears to be pinched by rollers, pull it along the normal running direction of the paper. Open the Front Cover. System Settings Printing the Report Pages The following table shows the reports that are available for printing.