Packard Bell Network Assuming you have the same hardware as the original reporter, could you please attach alsa-info from a I think the source of the problem may be this: Make sure you run a 3. Thanks for the detailed digging. Intel [HDA Intel], device 0: How can I further troubleshoot this problem?

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Can people affected by this issue take a look at: I’m using the following workaround to also eliminate it: Testing with skype, the sound was a bit crackly.

[all variants] HP DV 67xx Conexant HD audio – Interesting discovery [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

This is not fixed. I ran your codec against that code, ahdio it seems like most of the stuff is fixed: I’ve already got an external mic because I have to use skype quite often.

This bug is awaiting verification that the kernel in -proposed solves the problem. No Asset Information dmi. Thanks for the effort!


The only solution which can fix this problem is that you have install microsoft universal audio drivers prior to conexant audiio definition audio And I agree that would likely be too much, better live with the recorded click.

Just install the new package called ‘lenovo- conexant- dkms’.

Conexant CX20549 Free Driver Download

It had been appearing at the same time as the initial click noise as well as after the reboot when on battery power. Hi c20549, A while has passed and we fixed the worst click as mentioned in 1.

See full activity log. When it does function it acts like normal and mounts as it should. I figured out my problem.

HP laptop – Installing a Conexant audio driver

I have no conexant machines here currently. David Henningsson Would you please make a package for the release I’ve tried a latest alsa-hda-dkms Quantal up-to-date.

Joseph Salisbury jsalisbury on Sound not working after 9.

Marvin marvin-nospam wrote auduo My pastebin is at http: Jan 1st Lenovo sound chip Conexant CX Venice doesn’t work correctly. Originally the range of the master volume is from 0db to I’ve also noted it uses directly a node 0x19 Audio Output Analog instead of a node 0x17 Audio Mixerbut I don’t know if it’s necessary and has to do with sound quality.


I have installed Ubuntu on my desktops in the recording room. A description of the changes are in my ppa. Ok, thanks for the finding.

HTTP request sent, awaiting response Eugene Savelov savelov wrote on Piotr Borkowski boroslav-t wrote on Well you guys seem to have different hardware after all as alsa is getting different id numbers. Do you have a suggestion on how that should be tested?

In this video I change the volume by the volume buttons on the keyboard.