The use of folder 0 always erases your data. In addition, it appears to be a pretty tough little guy – I dropped it off my desk onto the floor at work and it kept playing without a flinch. Unless my tcctool changes don’t work, I don’t need anyone to test and log the recovery tool. The video quality is excellent and sounds great, too. Unless you wish to try the latest and greatest features at the price of possibly greater instability, or you wish to help with development, you should stick with the release. Anyways next I will see if a formated D2 can install only the file from folder “1”, I’m just a little scared that this could brick my D2, what do you think?

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Unlike the Clix, however, the D2’s display is touch-sensitive, which means the majority of navigation is accomplished by poking at the screen PDA-style. It also has expandable memory which can be an organizational boon.

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When I typed in lsusb it took like 3 seconds longer than normal, but it did not show the D Downloads release dev builds extras themes Documentation manual wiki macc status Support forums mailing lists IRC Development bugs patches dev guide Search. Logged GodEater Member Posts: I’ve only done one semester of assembly, but if I can deterimine the subroutines for common tasks I can be writing custom programs in hours.

I’m d for someone with a D2 and the recovery tool to use it to recover their D2, cowonn to make a log using usbsnoop or another usb logger of the resulting USB communication. See any errors on this page? Logged Yeeze Member Posts: I am willing to use usbsnoop and the recovery files, but I am not sure how to brick my D2 or at least configure my computer so that it will not recognize the player.

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The LCD won’t display anything. Share This Page Tweet.

Bagder Global Moderator Member Posts: You’ll need the “subversion” tool installed: The D2 is no longer recognized by the computer and the New Hardware Wizard appears.

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I made some tests with the “0” firmware, and it is actually a basic firmware, I can play music and browse the content, but it is quite messed up, there are a lot of bugs with rendering, and not all features work I hope linuxstb reads this, cowom he can tell you, what you need to do, and what he exactly needs!! Logged dalmane98 Member Posts: It holds loads of music, movies, books, photos; it has a voice recorder, a memo pad, calculator a 2d one too!

Also, simply dragging and dropping videos did not work for me. Do not try to create a separate directory on your player for the Rockbox files!

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With top of the line features, at a price that won’t break the bank, the D2 truly proves the old adage that “big things really do come in small packages”. I’ve no idea what the difference is, but I would probably try the one in “1”. We got about 50 hours for music and 10 hours for video–simply awesome.


We’re enamored with the included stylus, which you can use to prop up the D2 at two different angles. If autodetection fails or is unable to detect the mountpoint, make sure to enter the correct values. I couldn’t find lsusb on Mac.

Can you help me out here? Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted The automated way is the preferred method of installing Rockbox for the majority of people.

Cown D2 & Apple iMac Users

Rockbox Utility can install an English voice file, or you can download it from http: I wasnt sure what mp3 to buy, I didnt want to get an ipod basically because they dont have radio station also I just dont like them In addition, I wanted something that would play virtually all types of files; the Cowon seemed to have the best of all worlds, including expandable memory.

So basically, what seemed to be a great player is no longer functional on my computer, my current firmware on the Cowon D2 is 2. Turn the Cowon off. The manual installation method is still available to you, should you need or desire it by following the instructions below.