The images are likely to be printed at a max of 10″ by 7″ at dpi so only an issue if the scan has to be cropped first given the dpi scan. Auto slide feeder and film roll adaptor helps too. Direct Film Loading No film holders are necessary for 35mm film frame strip or mounted slides. It is even possible to defous so precisely that you can get rid of film grain and keep all the image details. I found the Nikon software clunky and user unfriendly, and bought Vuescan after a few weeks back in ’06 I think it was. So unless the pictures were taken with top of the line Leica cameras with top notch lenses on professional film and professionally processed, the LS50 probably exceeds the negatives.

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JDMvWMay 12, As well, the cooscan manual is practically useless. Pass the mouse over it and it displays a vertical neg strip icon. Even though the Coolscan V ED auctions for more than it originally sold for, they are worth the price. Dynamic range reaches up to try 4. I have the Coolscanbut the exact model makes no difference to the principle here.

After you insert the negative strip, there’s a partially hidden icon near the top left. The coopscan, of course,is opaque to infrared. See all 9 pre-owned listings. When the thumbnails appear, click the 1st one, then shift click the last one and hit the scan button. I saved them all and imported into LR 3.


Nikon Coolscan V ED Film Scanner B&H Photo Video

It is surprisingly easy to get it to work with Win7 It does this with two different scanners on two different computers, so it’s a software-bug and not some other problem. Now that is way longer then advertised. F Forum M My threads. I highly recommend this scanner to anyone who wants to control the process themselves as opposed to sending off your slides to coolscwn processing house.

Nikon CoolScan V ED Photo, Slide & Film Scanner

I am beginning to send jpegs of some of the digitized images to our family members and friends. These progressive image correction tools give scanner users more freedom in image manipulation, and help ensure super high-fidelity reproduction and highly efficient operation. Consider using the Vuescan software instead.

Ok great at least no one says pay through the nose for Silverfast! Always choose 14 bit depth.

Since I cut all my film myself whether home processed or lab processed I could make use of that by scanning before cutting. All left for post processing if required. Your name or email address: You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Next open Windows Device Manager either by right clicking on your Computer icon or thru the search box. Using a set of enhancement and correction techniques, this product is able to remove scratches and dust from the equation automatically while the dynamic data exchange function performs exposure compensation coolcsan results in vivid colors despite scanning washed out slides. I use it exclusively and get great results. Vuescan’s IR cleaning isn’t as good in my experience.


And shame on me for not looking into the problems with the software for this Nikon scanner before I bought it. As faceas I can tel lthe noise reduction in LR is just as good and instant.

I do use occasionally do multipass in Vuescan to pull out more shadow detail from Velvia, but don’t find it necessary all that often. Show less Show more.

Nikon CoolScan V ED Photo, Slide & Film Scanner | eBay

If you could find an old machine with fast SCSI to run it, the two together would still probably cost less than a Nikon Coolscan which is not without its own interface complexities.

The alternative, which is not practical, is USB. Be prepared to spend some time with this thing.