The majority of the body is constructed from metal, giving the camera a solid, reliable feel. A Continuous Shooting mode captures a rapid series of images while the Shutter button is held down, with the actual number of images dependent on the size and quality settings, as well as the amount of memory card space. Files saved to internal memory can be easily copied to an SD card, and vice versa. Page 6 Image Quality. While the Coolpix has good battery life, I as always recommend picking up a spare battery and keeping it freshly charged at all times, to avoid dead-battery syndrome.

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Pressing the zoom control in the telephoto direction zooms in as much as 10x on the subject, handy for checking image details and focus.

Just hold down the shutter as the action approaches, and release just after the action has occurred; the camera then saves the last five images in the buffer, recorded at one frame per second.

Nikon COOLPIX MP Digital Camera – Silver | eBay

While you’re at it, download the PDF manual and quickstart guide as well. It also displays an icon if the image is one that’s been selected for quick download with Nikon’s host software, as well as an icon indicating that you can record an audio note to accompany the image. Click on a thumbnail to see the full-size photo. Attractive design, well-built Good-quality lens, better than average sharpness in the corners Excellent macro performance High contrast, slightly limited tonal range Slightly faster than average focusing Loads of helpful “assist” options for novices D-lighting feature helpful for shaded subjects Best Shot Selector works well for avoiding motion blur In-camera redeye reduction seems to work well LCD viewfinder actually works fairly well in low light Very good battery life Good VGA movie mode Underwater case available.


The one downside to the ‘s approach though, is that the post-processing that the camera uses to search for and remove any remaining red-eye takes an appreciable amount of time, resulting colopix a rather long delay before you can capture the next shot. Once a specific setup is chosen, faint yellow subject outlines these used to be quite bold on earlier models appear in the LCD monitor to help you line up the shot for the cpolpix focus and exposure.

The Mode dial on the top of the camera selects the main operating mode, and a multi-directional Arrow pad on 59000 back panel navigates through on-screen menus, in addition to accessing camera features directly.

Zoom W and T Buttons: As with many of the higher megapixel cameras, the uses a noise-reduction mode to capture night shots.

First and foremost, it brightens all the shadowed areas in the image, regardless of ciolpix far they were from the camera that is, there’s no light falloff as you’d have with a flash.

Pressing the Menu button displays the following Shooting menu The Nikon uses a Segment Matrix metering system to determine exposure, evaluating the contrast and brightness across the frame to determine the best exposure. Page 5 Ease of Use. Behind the Shutter button, this ribbed dial selects the camera’s main operating mode.

IR gets a small commission from sales of the product, but I’d highly recommend the program even ciolpix we didn’t.

These tools make the Coolpix extremely flexible in a variety of conditions, providing almost worry-free operation.

Comparing the Nikon to similar models, the larger Canon A95 Powershot hovers coklpix the same price point, offers a similar zoom, comparable megapixels and while the 1. Pressing the Menu button pulls up the following options:. Whether you’re a fan of them or not, the CoolPix range continue to offer an optical viewfinder. The only obvious improvement that Nikon could make here is a better battery life indicator, as the current one only shows when you’re almost out of juice typically miles from a power supply.


Quick start video CD Instruction coolpox and registration kit. The Coolpix is super compact, very light weight, and has a rugged metal body to withstand lots of wear and tear.

COOLPIX Digital Cameras Discontinued

We will do our best to resolve any issues. In any Settings menu, the arrow keys navigate through menu selections, and the center button selects.

Half-pressing the Shutter button displays a green circle when focus is achieved, as well as green brackets indicating which focus point has been selected if focus is not achieved, both the dot and brackets show red. The technology may be complex but it’s very simple to use, and often restores disappointing images by literally bringing the subjects’ faces out of the shadows.

Coolpux larger screen has meant the back of the camera has had to be re-designed, and while the controls have been squeezed together, the operation remains the same. D-Lighting Examples Shot with Coolpix The Coolpix is one of the first Nikon digital cameras to feature some new technologies, ccoolpix Face-Priority AF Autofocuswhich automatically detects a face in an image and focuses on it, D-Lighting, which intelligently lightens overly dark images, and Advanced Red-eye Reduction, which corrects red-eye in most situations.

This mode is denoted by a movie camera icon on the Mode dial.

Nikon Coolpix 5900

For example, selecting ‘portrait’ mode gives you the choice of seven different focal modes. Fujifilm FinePix Z Series. There’s also a ‘sports spectator’ mode, which fixes the focal length to infinity and cuts the time to take a picture.

When connected to a computer with Nikon’s software loaded, pressing the center button triggers a “one touch” upload of selected images to the computer.