So this would be the change that would go into natty. Installed on standard IDE driver. You need to log in to change this bug’s status. An upstream change in the kvm code in 2. Comment on this change optional. I could not reproduce booting the guest by setting processor affinity to a single host CPU. Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else.

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Setting up a Debian-based KVM guests with virtio-based disk and network on CentOS 5.5 hosts

Use 64bit guest instead. CentOS ProjectData preparer id: Excerpts from nutznboltz’s message of Fri Nov 11 If you loock at comment 32 and comment 27, the patch got reverted in natty because there was no one verifying the change. If so, can you give us the exact kvm command line or libvirt. Thanks Stefan, I have confirmed that the following kernels work. Virtio drivers are installed in the guest os.

Prakash Sawarkar: Setting up RHEL /CentOS Virtio Drivers for Windows Guest on KVM

This patch has yet to be put in lucid-proposed 2. Nehalem, kvm64 and qemu64 failed. This bug affects 4 people.


The disk and network activity in virt-top are always zeros when the VM is hung while the CPU activity is high. Krzesinski herton on Stefan, given comment 27, shouldn’t the status of this bug for natty be ‘incomplete’? Adam, can you reproduce this booting from an iso?

[CentOS-virt] virtio drivers for Centos – Grokbase

I have gone ahead and submitted the patch for SRU. See attached screenshot of virt-manager plus virt-top.

Used Windows settings. So I’m guessing its at least not the exact log that failed since you mention centos 5. Scott Moser smoser wrote on Dick Tump dicktump wrote on The same VM host describe in comment 38 is now running 2.

It is already hanging for about 15 minutes on this point. I could not reproduce booting the guest by setting processor affinity to a single host CPU. Does not find the network after the installation during install is fine but disabling mpbios as suggested in 4.

Serge Hallyn serge-hallyn wrote on Works with “-cpu qemu32”. Booting 32bit rhel and centos 5.


As an update I can boot when the guest is restricted to a single cpu, thus cebtos must be a regression with SMP. Only tested single processor, disabling mpbios wasn’t required but did reduce host CPU usage, as did disabling USB either via guest kernel config at boot time or via omitting -usb flag.

I do not get to a point where I can get dmesg output but I have included a screenshot I have reproduced this issue on a Dell Cenntos, and R This patch is not yet in the oneiric kernel. I’ll change it back. This is my KVM commandline: Changed in qemu-kvm Ubuntu: It also gives a link that should tell how to get it reconsidered to go into natty.

I have several guest images girtio ran fine under