Sign in Already have an account? Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. I’ve gotten back into music in my second marriage much more compatible! Sign up for a new account in our community. If I can put the time into it, I will definitely end up looking for something better; I am liking the Yamaha S or S when they are cheaper in a few years thoughts on that? Sign in to disable this ad. I have the instructions for my keyboard in pdf format and figured out that i need to set LOCAL in the wk’s settings on the keyboard itself, not on my computer to OFF.

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I appreciate any help I can get, and I also appreciate people ROFLing after reading this “statement of absolute cluelessness”. Wk1-800 Alesis SR16 drum machine also has this necessary button, as do most of the other auto-arranging boards. For someone beginning on keyboards and basic MIDI stuff coupled with a keen interest from an individual to learn but with a set budget Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission from Sonic State is prohibited. Good Deal or mistake?

Lack of a mono mode is probably a good miid for a keyboard like that.

MIDI setup. Using Casio keyboard, Help me! –

Dreadbox Teases Time Effects Processor. Definitely a good deal Enjoy the keyboard.


The disk drive is indispensable for chain-playing music for our fabulous intermissions. Oh please, mdi a nice piano like you doing in a Casio? If you want to save bucks you could go with the which is the same keyboard without the floppy and without the stereo out, you would have to hook it up to a PA with the headphone out.

You’ll probably outgrow it within the first days of owning it. There are much better used instruments out there Mii is cheaper than getting another synth, I personally don’t need another synth, and it’s small and light which is good. I will have to pop an adapter in there to shut them off apparently. Personally I wouldn’t touch caaio WK series for fear of them breaking down.

The WK was the last of its model line. The excellent Roland DP-6 sustain pedal won’t work with this board.

We often play out in low light situations. Many of the factory patches and above are very good. I consider the WK sounds casoo to be about average for a GM synth. Im just the musician guy who can play alot of instruments but have yet to delve deep into the internals of computer-based recording.

WK-1800 Manual

I’ve been goofing around with a tiny literally Yamaha PSR-something. However, you’re only going to outgrow it I wouldn’t recommend anything that wasn’t “pro” once I would stay away and get something else.


I’d say it all depends on his budget Help FAQs Go to top.

I’m definitely gonna order one. View the Media Kit. The synthesizer allows for two pcm samples per sound program, so the more wimpy sounding GM instruments can be fattened up.

Used it to practice at home while taking some lessons and to mess around with recording stuff in the past. Hi Norimbulus, I have a WK by chance!!!

It’s amazing how quickly I became attached to this feature on my old Roland E series board. If I can put the time into it, I will definitely end up looking for something better; I am liking the Yamaha S or S when they are cheaper in a few years thoughts on that?

I think I’ll load the different manual pdf’s onto my kindle and spend the weekend just reading, maybe I’ll learn alot, maybe I wont remeber midk, but it’s worth a shot. The patches on this sound ok to my untrained ears – the verb is a little strident on some of the patches, you are right about that.