You can select either multi or spot auto focusing. It is a clear image and indicates the camera should be capable of some decent close up work. Therefore a memory card is not supplied with the camera. I find they are easy to use, so easy that this one will be my daughters. All other trademarks and trade names are the property of their respective owners.

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Casio Exilim EX-Z Review

The Easy Mode setting provides a simplified, easy to understand, and convenient version of the settings menu and camera interface, designed especially for first time users but also helpful to those who prefer ccasio basic camera settings interface as well. The camera comes with 8. To support the optical zoom there is a 4x digital zoom feature. The sharpness, saturation and contrast levels can also be adjusted.

There is also a setting that fires off three shots after a ten second delay. It is a clear image and indicates the camera should be capable of some decent close up work. You will see from the dedicated test for colour that the colours are not quite as vivid as those produced by some other cameras. This is a real restriction.


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It has dimensions of 90 x 60 x Color Variations See Color Variations fasio clicking on the tiles. News Best Selling in Digital Cameras See all. For close up photography the camera can focus within 6cms of the subject. I would like to have seen much sharper images.

To add something different to your photos there are a number of digital filters. Very nice camera Excellent camera.

The Casio EX-Z60 is all-around camera. See all 4 refurbished listings. This includes flash and macro mode. Therefore a memory card is not supplied with the camera.

It is substantially cheaper dasio any model I am aware of that offers this level of exposure options. As these colours are likely to dominate scenic shots you should be able to take acceptable photos colour wise with this camera.

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You can zoom in caaio out while shooting a movie and sound can be recorded as well. Good check points where this is highlighted are the brickwork, the chairs and the boat names. Looking at the first outdoor sample shot the softness of the lens shows up throughout the photo. This is an area where Casio have clearly got it right and outperform just about all of their rivals. If you look through the menu system you will find an option to es the power of the flash.


They can then be printed and sent, uploaded to SNS, or used in various other ways. The Best Shot Button enables sx, one-touch access to 33 scenes chosen from an image menu and providing the user with a wide range of camera settings for taking hassle-free photos every time.

The maximum resolution is x Top Rated Cameras in this Category. By loading the QR code onto your smartphone, you can easily share images there and then, without being asked to install an app or providing contact information.

Thankfully the Exilim EX-Z is free of these issues. With bright light available digital cameras generally find this type of shot fairly straightforward.