It is, in my opinion the most important part of the club. I purchased the Callaway X with a regular shaft with 10 degree face. I have the X driver and enjoy it immensely. I have already managed to hit my longest drive during winter play, so cannot wait to see what happens in the summer. With my old , I was averaging yards off the tee.

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It appeared to me that the X imparted a little less spin on the ball, giving me a flatter trajectory than my FT Hitting it slightly off-center doesn’t seem to hurt the distance as much as you would expect.

The Pro’s Shop recommended Golfbidder. If youre looking for a great driver, check out the Callaway line!!

Callaway X460 Drivers

Nearly every company has rushed to the cc limit, although Titleist took their time getting the R out. I hit a demo FT-3 Tour Neutral 8. Thank you for a god product. Construction The first thing engineers did was to squeezed outsix more cubic centimeters to bring the clubhead size right up to the cc limit. A year old tech but delivers where it counts, Bigger then the old Ti with better perimiter weighting, reviea el and callwway is in better proportions too.

My original driver was the Big Bertha I hit this club approx.


Callaway X Driver Review (Clubs, Review) – The Sand Trap

I received the Callaway driver from Golfbidder on the next working day from ordering and it is in excellent condition – I cannot believe it is not brand new. I really like my new callaway X driver,i was out the other day and out of all my drives not one went rong on me everytime down the middle of the fairway,thanks golfbidder. I recently purchased the X 10 degree with stiff shaft, which may have been a mistake. Sometimes it goes very well, but it is too sensitive to use.

Today’s Golfer

I tested the x out today at a little play in Massachusetts. I appreciate it when a company stays true to its roots and provides a familiar clubhead for me at address.

Based on their own testing, engineers will position weight to help increase the Moment of Inertia to get the right balance of performance and forgiveness. Well, it was a good driver but hit really high obviously and rdview I felt like I needed something with a l ittle less callxway and with some newer technology.

The ball is going straighter larger sweet spot and further. Thank you, your review has been submitted successfully and will be included on the page once approved. All this club is going to do for me is bring up my feedback rating when I sell it on ebay.


Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Having brought a new driver after 13 years, I cannot believe the difference in performance and how easy the club is to use. Xx460 wanted a driver to not only replace the but to also improve performance and provide an alternative to the FT What can I say? Might be a loose callawy of epoxy or something. My husband liked my Callaway x high trajectory driver.

Im upgrading to the FT-I which is a rocket launcher and straight but pricey. So far, the club has x4600 mostly straight shots, but dissapointing distance.

I have always used andprefer Callaway products. I dont have enough time in to say if the draw or slice bothers me. The grip is standard Callaway ca,laway. You feel the club twist in your hand, but anyone watching would swear you hit it solid. This was my first time using the service so I didn’t know what to expect, but my experience was entirely possitive.