Thank you, Fixxxer P. First, you really should get some smaller wire for this kind of work; 24 or 30 AWG wire should be sufficient and will be much easier to work with. Aug 30, Posts: A wide range of brushless motor driver chips is available – some are sensorless, others require hall sensor feedback. Not able to run Proteus Simulation after building project in CooCox 2. If you really want to get this motor running for some reason you might find it easier to get a controller intended for model engines.

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EE Enthusiasts: hard drive spindle motor question.

Is there any other driver chip that can be used with Atmel uC? Fri Mar 16, What’s your budget for this hobby?

How can i use that 4th wire in motor control algorithm? I don’t have a multimeter if that is even “the thing” I’d need to measure resistance? The operating phrase is “current-limiting resistor”.

I’d rather it last me for years. Distorted Sine output from Transformer 5. As you might have noticed in the second photo, I attempted to solder copper wires to the connectors.

Brushless motor driver for disk drive motors (25/01/14)

The motors all run pretty well – the hard drive motor is around rpm with a 12V supply, and the ZIP drive motor is around rpm way too high for the original purpose! Mar 19, Posts: Well for now i found out that hdd spindle motor is brushless motor that can be controlled by some kind of brushless motor driver, but further search about BL motors gave only references on 3 pin BLDC motor and my hdd motor have 4 pins.


After taking apart a hard drive I wanted to make the motor spin and this is where my question comes in. Idea is that if platters would rotate in controlled area with less windage friction, spindle motor load would be significantly reduced, which can lead to larger RPM bdc better performances of hard disk drives.

This is a sensorless driver, intended for running fans, with up to 1. This technique is actually slightly more efficient, but is much worse as far as acoustic noise generation goes. When you have the common terminal, the resistance from it to each of the three others should be the same.

Feb 10, Posts: You can’t do without it if you want to be connecting things to an Arduino and driving motors. Thank you, Fixxxer P. Here is the mess I made! There won’t be much wire left to solder onto, and it will not be mechanically very sturdy, so this probably isn’t a good option.


Everything was just too small for me to work with and I had bbldc such luck.

This new hobby of mine really doesn’t have much room in my budget but it excites me to learn about this stuff to the point where I have pushed it more than I should. You need a multimeter. The three coils are star-connected and a common is also provided, giving a total of four connections.

It is my lack of knowledge regarding electricity such as the difference between volts and ohms. Fri Mar 16, 1: One of the motors I had a hard drive motor had little sprung plunger contacts on the back, so I made a simple “contact” board for it.

BLDC motor from old HDD

Fri Mar 16, 3: Mon Mar 12, 1: Microchip and TI come to mind. You’re in luck, I worked on hard drive spindle motor engineering for 5 years. The direction of rotation motpr controlled simply by the sequence of voltages on the three phases. Eagle PCB clearance error 2.