The reason for this is that when using NAT, your publicly accessible IP address will be used by and point to your router, which then needs to deliver all traffic to the private IP addresses used by your PCs. If you wish to restart the router using the factory default settings for example, after a firmware upgrade or if you have saved an incorrect configuration , select Factory Default Settings to reset to factory default settings. This is the maximum rate at which the sender can send cells. This is the mode maps multiple local IP addresses to one global IP address. This could save your time and effort but if the symptoms persist, then consult your service provider. Select Yes from the drop down list box to enable IP filter rule. A web browser is included as a standard application in the following operating systems:

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The schedule rule s have priority over your Connection settings. In the Control Panel, double-click on Network Connections 2. Besides, it can also be configured to block internal users from accessing to the Internet.

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This is the destination subnet IP address. You need to know the MAC address of the devices to configure this screen. It represents the cost of transmission for routing purposes. ads

Users can get greater access speed without changing the operation concept, sharing the same ISP account and paying for one access account. In the Control Panel, double-click on Network and choose the Protocols tab. Warning Do not open or repair the case yourself.


The number need not be precise, but it must be between 1 and Select action for the traffic unmatching current hec Forward to leave it pass through, and NEXT to check it by the next rule. Remember that you must decompress compressed.

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Few more settings that you can consider for your BEC-technologies ADSL router You need or need not choose to consider this step; it is both obsolete and quite a hassle! The source IP address or range of packets to be monitored.

LAN port IP address.

This field displays the number of total PDU received in the last second. Refer to the NAT chapter for more details.

Security checklist for BEC-technologies 5102 ADSL router

If it is off, check the cables between your router and the PC. Also provided are “Transmit Statistics” and “Receive Statistics”. BEC Technologies ADSL routers include a very basic firewall that helps protect your home network arsl unwanted access from the internet.

Type the new password again in this field. If you prefer to specify an SNTP server other than those in the drop-down list, simply enter its IP address as shown above.

If you are forwarding a range of ports separated by a hyphen then enter the lowest number of that range into the Start Port Number box and the highest number of that range into the End Port Number box. You can change the default password to ensure that someone cannot adjust your settings moden your permission. Select the time service protocol that your time server sends when you turn on the Router.

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Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. It makes network simple and affordable for users.

Simple BEC Technologies 5102 ADSL Router Open Port Guide

Adsll default setting is Auto Sync-UP. Type an IP address to restrict access to a client with a matching IP address. Open up your web browser and find the address bar.

Enter your email on below! An ISP Internet Service Providers provided IP address can be set to the product and then specific services can be rerouted to specific computers on the local network.

But in some area, multimode cannot detect the ADSL line code well. Secondly, it can block and redirect certain ports to limit the services that outside users can access. This field displays the number of total error transmitted in the last second.