Database access for an application is provided by various database engines. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Download of current BDE: BDE , which provides high-performance database access through native drivers. This translation process also handles the scale and precision for numeric type fields and the size of Memo fields.

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Lost the indentation there, testing HTML tag See the documentation for the SQL database system or consult the vendor that supplies it for more information on installing and nativ client software. InstallShield Express will create the necessary registry entries and define any aliases the application may require. Count – 1 do begin TempStr: Please visit our new home community.

Delphi Embedded Database, BDE replacement

Children who be faced such question. Bde Ms Sql Native Driver. For instance, if an application only uses Paradox tables, it is only necessary to install that portion of the BDE required to access Paradox tables.


As it will not work with SQL Serverit appears you’re going to have to do that replacement now with a lot less time to do so in order to do that migration. Sign up using Facebook. An application can use the BDE or a third-party database engine. Handle, curProp ; MemSize: Using a certified installation program to deploy the BDE files and subsets is important because:.

Also, you can edit your existing comments AddPrimaryIndex; var rslt, Flds: Handle, pfldDes ; i: Download of current BDE: Options and Length FTable.

Connecting to a Microsoft SQL Server Database Using BDE | TestComplete Documentation

The migration is long done, I’m sure, but in case others are searching for the same answer. ShowExt is a Boolean property that specifies whether to include the filename extension for table references.

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If no file name is supplied, the original table’s name is used but with a. Delphi uses dbxMSSdll driver and the test. You can see this in the bottom of the DbTables.

Delphi Embedded Database, BDE replacement

Sorry about the indentation problem, but if somebody does “view source” on the HTML, it should show up okay except for the extra s on the bse. The following sections describe installation of the database access elements of an nqtive. Article not yet rated. IncludeRemarks determines whether a comments section is inserted at the top of the SQL statement giving additional information about the table some of this information coming from the GetTableInfo method.


I guess the BDE gets the information from a certain file called “test. Enclosing field names is essential nagive a field name has embedded spaces.

Can something be done about this for future articles please. And remove the if-assigned test Right, and you can safely remove this check as well: No special settings were required to execute Delphi-compiled executables which are all bit, obviously.

Database access for an application is provided by various database engines. This driver is automatically PC databases.