Powering up again, there were no dead pixels yay! I Can Supply This. The notebook has a small door on the bottom that you’ll remove to upgrade memory. Email id required Email id not in correct format. The cost of high-end processors is also a concern, since you’re already paying extra for that small size.

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Screen updates and re-draws in business applications and Photoshop were plenty fast, but gamers take note that most current intensive 3D games will not run on a shared memory architecture. Obviously the Averatec is not averwtec gaming notebook, but nonetheless here are the results from running 3DMark05 on the Averatec just to prove that fact: When I use the notebook in my lap, this vent is almost completely covered by my right thigh.

I prefer to save money and just be careful. The Averatec looked like a fusion of the Dell M and the Compaq VZ series, and was pcmciq than my three original choices, so I decided to give avveratec a try. I have not had too may errors mistyping anything due to the smaller layout, despite my big hands.

I debated, read some reviews, got clearance from my loving wife and dove in! Below the touchpad are the mouse buttons, but they are more like cut-outs averayec the plastic case than real buttons, so they are rather stiff and noisy. Email id required Email id not in correct format.

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It looks as though they have to be slimmed down to fit into the laptop. The setup here is bare-bones, which is an effort to keep the laptop small.

Averatec P Notebook Computer Review

Opening the lid requires a bit of heft, and is steadily held in place when you let go of it, no matter what angle you release it. You can set it as low as 8 MB or as high as When first powering up, the first I noticed was a pcmccia green dot in the upper left corner of the screen!

I find the touchpad to be on the small size, but the surface is smooth and feels significantly different from the plastic case surface. This is due to a cavity under the left side where the fan is housed. When I first received the notebook, I played around with the Windows Power Options in an attempt to maximize battery life.

Averatec Series Notebook Memory

My interest in this machine is for business apps, which averatex run fine using 8 MB. As previously mentioned, the headphone and aveeratec ports lie in the front, while no ports at all are in the back. This is excellent design, unless you prefer the cable-less look to the annoyance of having to flip around or lean over your machine to plug something into it.

At least Averatec is truthful, the battery is estimated to last for 1 hour 45 minutes, which is what I generally get.


As a college student, I found myself spending increasingly more time in the library. The main issue with this keyboard is the way it feels.

Averatec 3200 Notebook Review (pics, specs)

The LCD itself is not particularly bright or razor sharp, but it is definitely usable. This will drain the averwtec faster, of course. I have not had any problems that would cause me to call customer support. Lid view of Averatec Much to my liking, the all-white exterior finish is very minimalist. The notebook has a small door on the bottom that you’ll remove to upgrade memory.

Please provide feedback after you receive your order. For the price and unit size, the display is as good as we’d expect. Phone Reviews by Brand.

They support both external video out and dual display cpmcia. Averatec right-side view view larger image First Impressions Upon first examination, the looks pretty classy. The consolation for the short battery life is a very small and light AC adapter 0. Keyboard The keyboard is a condensed version of a normal keyboard.