You won’t find the card on the ATI site. The TV card coax works OK. We’d really appreciate it! Where do you change the source? This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. If Ulead doesn’t have a menu, to change the source from tuner to composite, try other software. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment.

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You usually have to use the software supplied by the manufacturer. What video equipment are you using? You should watch out where you post, you never know what kind of crazies your sti might attract ;- Madman Reply. OBS Studio screen recording and streaming guid Yes, my password is: Watch out for that nasty broadcast flag.

Is there any heomewonder to bypass hardware encoding with ATI eHome? I installed the lastest drivers provided by ATI, is there some other generic driver I can install? The text artifacts are present here as well.


ATI eHome Wonder

I don’t know what Dell meant by a “a breakout box to change the analog to digital input”. And then there is this. The old Bugreport Forum.

If you attempt to build one yourself, then you have to look in the mirror for support ehonewonder unofficial online MCE forums. Watch out for that nasty broadcast flag.

Sorry for the delay.

ATI eHomeWonder Tv Tuner card – Dell Community

October 9, 2. What video equipment are you using? ATI’s major drawback here is that the colors appeared to be much more washed out on the eHome Wonder than the Maui; it wasn’t horribly distracting, but it kept the eHome Wonder out of the top two places. Not sure if I do, that is another reason for this post. ehomewonrer

You won’t find the card on the ATI site. That is what Dell teck support told me. Note wti dots in the line above the text The text artifacts are present here as well. Log in Don’t have an account? Care to support our work with a few bucks? Some other discussions of the card http: November at, 4. November 3, 3. We’d really appreciate it! Third Place – Tie: I just tested it with MC and it sounds a little well Hauppauge Nova S 1. Would everything still work in MCE?


So my theory was right. My card is the one shown on the Dell site, hooked up as follows. December 26, Messages: Also tried Sonic 6. Users Viewing Thread Users: