The CPU usage shown in task manager says that we still have resources left over to multi-task a little. Before we get into the examination of the system I would like to say a few things about the Atom Processor as it needs a paragraph or two of its own. In a move that can only be considered as insane, Intel went with the old power hungry G chipset for supporting the Atom. Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon UK’s website. But they do allow us to keep more of our money in pockets at the end of the month.

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This model is one of two that ASrock produces. Chances are a lot of individuals would purchase this type of setup for one of two reasons: The Trouble with Atom For all the praise and support the Intel Atom processor has received so far, there is just one big problem that all solutions based on it have had to face from day one: Audio can be output in 7.

Already have an account? The Nettop served several purposes for us which were: So, an adapter is needed for this missing option.

A thought for the future, ASRock: Operating at a front bus of MHz at 1MB of total cache it is able to multitask at a moderate level. For video the only connection that is missing from the unit is the DVI.

Now back to the Nettop Ion from Asrock. Obviously the system doesn’t have anywhere near the grunt of a modern laptop computerfor example, but for casual gaming once in a while it does an OK job. View our privacy policy before signing up. The sweet thing about the new 3DMark Vantage is that you can test your test under different scenarios like movie watching and office productivity.


Asrock Ion Nettop PC | ProClockers

But the most important features once again are the small size, money saving and light multitasking. Closer Look in the NetTop.

Ion offers DirectX 10 technology for those that are into digital technology and Nvidia’s pride and joy, Cuda. Like I stated earlier the unit is capable of hi-def audio and video inputs. And the other Asrkck is based on the Intel C chipset.

ASRock ION 330HT-BD nettop gets unboxed and cracked open on video

The only thing showing in the front is the DVD loading door, Asrock logo, power button and a area for venting. Instead, we put the new baby on show and put together an unboxing and undressing video to really get up close and personal with the new tiny PC. Before we get into vudeo examination of the system I would like to say a few things about the Atom Processor as it needs a paragraph or two of its own. Would you buy this? And after 90 minutes of complete testing we see that we obtained a score of under the TV and movie suite and for the Productivity suite we got a In our our WorldBench 6 benchmarks the PC scored 35, which is on par with other low-power Atom systems we’ve tested.

One reason why the Atom processor is great for low power computing is due to its low operating point and low operating voltage which is MHz and 1. It satisfies you with the high quality audio and visual environment. The above is more than enough power for what the unit was meant for.


After our troubled experiences playing video on an older Dell Inspiron Mini 9 netbookwhich uses an older Atom processor and an inferior graphics adapter, asrocck Ion HT-BD’s hardware video acceleration was a godsend.

It has hardware acceleration to play back p Blu-ray video free of any stuttering or buffering, and the integrated graphics are good enough for some limited gaming. And if that isn’t enough they take up less room than axrock SFF rigs.

Asrock Ion running on 42″ TFT with HDMI – video dailymotion

Milk crate PC case. So, read on to see if the Nettop Ion is ino considerable unit to aarock place in your entertainment center. Cuda enable a performance boost for those that ask for more from their video experiences rather you are watching the video, playing a game or making the video.

The Gauss-Legendre algorithm which is a windows version of a program used by Yasumasa Kanada in to compute Pi to digits. We played a few rounds of Left 4 Dead and World of Warcraft and although we had to dial the resolution down to x and do a bit of graphics tweaking the games were playable.

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