DNS lookup doesn’t work, ping, firefox will not work properly. Bluetooth works fine now. Ran dkms status and saw the info listed, just in reverse order the ar line was above the dell line. BTW, for the heck of it, I upgraded from I’m new to linux and I don’t know what to do.

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Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. Fix confirmed to work.

Could you paste the result of “dkms status” and “lsusb” here? Launchpad couldn’t import bug from Linux Kernel Bug Tracker. Krzesinski herton wrote on Email me about changes linkx this bug report.

I tried the Ubuntu The “firmware loading failed” problem should be fixed by ar dkms package, but it seems not work for you. Assigning to Acelan to work along linx https: Alexander, I was having the same issue with the AR in Quite possible, open to correction.

Can’t change to loading configuration err [ linu Is this a driver problem? If you are sure you’ve got hardware, based on Atheros Liinux Bluetooth chip, please make sure your upgrade process went off well enough.


I mean, I was running Ubuntu “out of the box” vanilla, and were it not for your steps, this would have not worked for me. No upgrade log present probably fresh install dmi. Followed your instructions on these steps to the letter.

Ray, Happy New Year. Remember to first remove the ar dkms if you have installed it before testing.

But if I turn the computer off, it doesn’t works anymore. The issue is not in bluez but in the kernel drivers, so I’m reassigning this to the right package. This information was last pulled 19 hours ago.

I have asked in the ubuntu forums but as always no one cares to help so I’m posting this as a bug as I not sure what else it could be and as a new user if I don’t get help how can I know what is right or wrong? Firmware load driver init.

en:users:drivers:ath3k [Linux Wireless]

This was taken care of already, by upgrading to After that everything works fine. I’ve got the same problem, linnux this is what I experience: Very glad to hear the good news from you. I’m also having this trouble with F15 F14 was working fine. Sorry, I’m going to need pretty explicit instructions on this–that directory doesn’t exist on my machine.


Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. This is really annoying, as it renders standby linx.

DFU Driver for Atheros bluetooth chipset AR3011

Can’t change to loading configuration err ath3k: Atheros Super G don’t work. Atheros AR30xx firmware driver ver 1. When I blacklisted btusb and tried to make ath3k handle the device, I got the same fault in firmware loader.