I did manual arp entry to reach out to as per these instructions. Ever since, any attempt trying to make contact with the NIC fails. This website may contain content submitted by users and is for informational purposes only. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Now smart signalling should work.

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I don’t have any way of telling if the card is just wnt bad, or if I really have to attempt the serial as these instructions. Also, the USB to serial adapter requires a driver by Prolific – have you installed this?

What communications cable is needed with my Smart-UPS and PowerChute Business Edition?

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Alternatively, you can leave the battery disconnected for minutes and it will happen as well. Hi, Hope someone can help. Is APC’s smart-signaling cable really proprietary? Here’s a fairly simple one: And instead of using a PC with a serial port, I would advise simply getting one of the PLbased USB-to-serial adapter cables – they work well for managing serial console stuff with nearly every OS released within the last 10 years.

Last Drivers  INTEL 82801FBM SATA DRIVER

Hi – Just managed to test the UPS following the ‘braindead’ procedure but no joy! I assumed it was licenced software.

Interface Cables

The documented pinout looks like a simple null-modem cable swapping the TX and RX pins:. First, not sure if this question belongs here or SU, so please advice accordingly before wildly down-voting or blasting me.

Because we inhereted the UPS unit, this smart-signalling cable is nowhere to be found. I then installed PCBE agent 9. Should i source a laptop with serial port and connect a standard DB9 cable to the cable and re-test? I need to test using a laptop with serial port connection i imagine. Then, turn off the UPS and unplug it. I may try and re-install PCBE 9. However, I have here in hand a Cisco YC Cable that looks like it could work, but I am having hard time trying to find the wire configuration to see if they would match up.

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Note that given that it’s RS, it’s unlikely that you’d break anything if you got it wrong anyway – is pretty robust. Shouls i use the USB to serial cable afterwards then?

Make sure it is this one because a non-standard cable could turn the UPS off since there is a special pinout on this cable. Let me know what happens there. You can also verify everything still shows in Device Manager. The documented pinout looks like a simple null-modem cable swapping the TX and RX pins: Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.


USB to serial adapter | UPS Management Devices & PowerChute Software

Hit the reset button, and the reattempted the previous step. So we disconnect everything and then drain any residual power from the device. If the cable wiring diagram given at this page is accurate, then it’s basically just pins 2,3, and ground.

Chad Harrison 3, 10 22 I obviously did away with this 18 months ago as i thought the USB acp serial would work alone – I had read that the cable uses a special pin out. It looks from there like the ground is run to the shell instead of pin isgnaling on the UPS side, but I bet if you used a bog standard DB9-DB9 male to female straight through it would work. It should’ve been included in your lit kit with the UPS.