I tested the start of the first stage of the game, and the frame rate ranges from 20fps to 80fps, but average is fps. With a few simple upgrades of RAM and hard drive, it would be perfect and last me a good few years especially with the 64 bit processor. HDTune Info results view larger image. It seems adequate for my needs, and can cope with media encoding and gaming fine. The design is fairly simple, grey main structure with silver edging and a black base. Visit our network of sites: Front side view view larger image Right side of laptop view larger image Left side of laptop view larger image Back side view view larger image Insides of Fujitsu Amilo A view larger image Screen:

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With options for 64 bit and 32 bit models, that have up to MB of shared memory, the AMILO A is a powerful machine for those, who want mobility at affordable prices.

Although the mb ATi Mobility Radeon is a fairly good card, it is starting to show its age now. Keyboard and touchpad view view larger image. There were no dead pixels on the screen and there is no light leakage. I had to spend, plus how much I sold my T20 forso that was a total of amllo Visit our network of sites: They confirmed the fault and I was given a replacement laptop from Laptops Direct a few days later.


Fujitsu Amilo-A7640 Laptop Parts

The service was excellent and fast from the manufacturer and retailer. It has a It does not creak when opened, but wobbles very slightly. If I was, then I would have custom built a desktop. They are adequate for general bleeps and noises, but for music they are too quiet. Below are some benchmarks gained from running the programming Super Pi that forces the processor to calculate the number Pi to a selected number of digits of accuracy, we use 2 million digits of accuracy: The viewing angle is also good; it remains clear and readable from all positions.

There is also a disk with drivers for graphics card, wireless, sound etc. PCMark04 results view larger image. With up to 80GB of hard disk drive wirelwss space, DVD and CD Read-Write capabilities it means users can easily store their favourite music and films, so that they can use their notebooks to relax as well as work.

I do not have any major complaints with the laptop.

When it is on battery, the processor throttles down from MHz to MHz and the screen dims slightly. For more information on Fujitsu Siemens Computers, please visit: There is no noticeable flexing or clicking, but in my opinion the keyboard on my old ThinkPad was better and more comfortable.

Fujitsu Siemens Amilo A1630 Notebook Review (pics, specs)

The white gets dirty very quickly which is annoying. If only more manufacturers started incorporating this feature.

I am planning to upgrade the RAM soon by replacing one of the mb modules with mb. The average transfer rate is There are large jumps in frame rate sometimes stuttering and pausing for a second and constant hard disk access. Like most laptop speakers, they are quiet and have no bass.


wlan on fujitsu siemens amillo A

Generally, it is fairly responsive and has a scroll bar integrated on the right hand side which is useful for browsing long websites. Insides of Fujitsu Amilo A view larger image.

There is also some various other software included which is quite useful. I remove the battery when running on mains constantly to prevent damage to it.

It does still look good on the widescreen woreless, crisp, sharp and no visible ghosting.


But then I saw the Amilo A with a more powerful processor and amlo card but 20GB less hard drive space and decided to get it. The keyboard is nice and solid, with good depth and spacing and adequately sized keys.

Below are some benchmarks gained from running the programming Super Pi that forces wirdless processor to calculate the number Pi to a selected number of digits of accuracy, we use 2 million digits of accuracy:. The best thing about this laptop is the value for money.