You are now logged on as a regular user. What is the difference between dstport and dstportend? Search the WeetHet Pages. The red marked text is the required password. If you do now use a MXStream account in the Netherlands, then you might need slightly different settings! To upgrade the STHome to Pro, you need to log on as admin. It is very well possible that you cannot connect.

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Basically it does everything what WinRoute and the Vigor router do as well. In the lower part of this webpage at the ” Enter challenge string: If you are unable to connect to the modem on-board web server, the firmware version may be printed on the back of the modem Use your favorite telnet application to connect to the modem telnet If you are not experienced with tricks like these: Use “nat list” to list currently active NAT connections, including the static connections you built, which are marked as “template”.

Alcatel SpeedTouch Home ADSL Modem, DSL-Warehouse

You will find a list of entries there: If you don’t want the modem to be hacked from the Net, it is recommended to set a password. In the ” Phone Book ” screen, you must now add a new entry.


The Wi-Fi 6 Ask someone who is more experienced even those guys WILL sweat on this one. If you can read French, more info here on what hoe LowID is, why you should not want one, and how to change this. The modem will reboot. Unlike Windows port forwarding feature, the ST lets you redirect connections to a port that is different, eg.

Before start this hack, we must make sure that we have everything setup properly. Now you can reboot your PC again. Save the original number, as you will need it for undoing the hack. Smart Home by Brian Bennett Dec 3, If it does not go to ” Up “, I’d suggest alactel check the settings particularly username and password. Open your browser and point it to the IP address of the Modem Upgrading the firmware Generating a user.

Before adding the new configuration entries, the old entries must be deleted. So I figured a few solutions, which can be found here one of them being sharing the connection using WinRoute or using a router.

If you can confirm a succesfull hack with other firmware, then please let me know by mailing me. Add an entry for ” Br1 ” to the Bridging Ports page. Now click the blue ” Phone Book ” button and once more remove all entries.

Last Drivers  AMX MVP-7500 USB DRIVER

Phones by Shara Tibken Oct 25, Otherwise IE will use it to connect to the modem and block the settings. It is very well possible that you cannot connect.

Using the Alcatel SpeedTouch Home Ethernet

Get a 4-terabyte USB 3. The hack makes your modem a Pro version.

Your modem will now have it’s default settings. This is actually the easiest part, but requires you to be more precise and most of all careful!

Alcatel Speed Touch Home – DSL modem Series

A prompt appears asking for a username. We just want to bring it just a bit further If sleedtouch is not the case or you are unsure, you will need to perform the “Ping-of-Line” procedure outlined in section 6. Now enter in dos yellow text: Enter these setting for KPN:.