How works the ICR function in Camera? However, sometimes the data rate of a live Wi-Fi connection differs from these values. Check the “Enable Watchdog” box 3. Ingress of dust is not entirely prevented, but it must not enter in sufficient quantity to interfere with the satisfactory operation of the equipment; complete protection against contact. Click apply change and go the to page reboot , and click reboot to make the setting effective. How to use N.

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Please refer to the attahced PDF file. But if it happens, please first disable Firewall on your PC. How to set two N. If internet bandwidth is not enough, please lower the low bitrate’s bitrate or quaility to avoid it. The output power in your AP might lower than what’s indicated on the UI. CamPro Express 64 will run as background and auto record when PC restarted.

This is suggested to download FAQ from our website, please read the document carefully for more detail information.

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AirLive Topology Switch graphical view skyphone-100 Topology view, floor-map, and google e-map. Please go to “Server Setup”. It take about 5 minutes after power up for the temperature and humidity value to reach equilibrium.


Please help provide the followings: Simply skpyhone-1000 the above window and you are ready to go. USB and why the Linux driver doesn’t work? Please first check the compatibility list on our website’s product page to make sure your phone is supported by Air3GII. When there is only 2 GB left, system will send disk full alarm.

There are a couple different such images, letting you know in what state the device and software currently is. It does not look as good as other offerings, which try to imitate the feel of cell phones. Please click the pdf. When will the disk full alarm be triggered? How to manual reset BU The watchdog functions works by using the PING command. Click here for installation steps. Can I take picture via browse IE?


There seems to be some virus that is causing this issue. This connection diagram also can be exported if skypuone-1000 hard copy is required.

The number is the time stamp. If you want to make a call simply dial the number and press the green button.


Once the phone is placed in it, it becomes apparent that the Skyphone does not really fit well inside the stand. Do you have experience of PoE AP or Camera disconnected in off hours or where you cannot deliver people to solve it immediately? It is suggested to download FAQ from our website, please read the document carefully for more detail information.

How to create configure the Port Forward feature on RS series. Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome? It means the camera can not use more than 4Mbps bandwidth. Is this possible that camera works in horizontal position or vertical position?

Why the live view loss connection only when login in remote site? How can I set IR function with the schedule option?

It would have been great to see a real desktop stand with charging capability instead.