However, it seems like a few of you have gotten the card to work with Linux drivers. You have to click on a secondary link to learn that, oops, sorry, only the enterprise SP1 version of SuSE is supported. Are they a bit crappy? January 26, at 1: Website for the card says that SuSE is supported.

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Your email address will not be published. July 9, at 7: Posted on September 7, by Brent. October axaptec, at 9: But today there are enough other companies that do a better job in. I installed 2 set of server and using SA.

Adaptec 1420SA is JUNK!

Well then it is still Junk in my opinion. Those cards were fast.

Even the most expensive ones are slower than almost anything else. Anyone had this before?

Adaptec – Adaptec Driver: SA and SA bit Windows Driver v Download Detail

Adaptec is not a company someone really need today. There is no reason windos it in either Windows or Linux since both OSes already have that in them.


I thrown card as Adaptec dealer refused to accept it on the following day! After being happy with previous products from Adaptec I got sloppy and purchased a SA … just to end up here. April 25, at 4: Today i discovered that.

Adaptec – Adaptec Driver: SA Windows Driver Version Download Detail

I will definitely not buy this card. See that is the thing Rom: That means that as soon as something attempts to write to the drive it gets written, adxptec you are limited to the speed the drive can write information.

Just the RAID functionality is a drama? I shoulda found this page before I bought this crap. The good Adaptec cards as we know them from the SCSI-era were designed by a different type of engineers. May 31, at February 21, at April 25, at 2: Leave 4120sa Reply Cancel reply Your email address will eindows be published.

ClarkConnect Forums by ClearFoundation: Luckily I decided to surf the net and see what the reviews on the card were like.


April 23, at You have to click on a secondary link to learn window, oops, sorry, only the enterprise SP1 version of SuSE is supported. I mean come on.

Just because a card is fakeraid doesnt meant it will be of no use, im planning to use a SA purely as a sata controller for my md array.

Even if it means we do not use Raid.

I need to get adatec up with Fedora Core 4. Now, a word from Adaptec: January 26, at 1: With a low-end Adaptec fake-raid in a server with slow CPU, it is probably more cost effective to buy a complete new server, install the OS, controller card and rebuild the array from there.