CP Chrysler LH cable. When the test is activated, the Scan Tool beeps and displays a message when a fault is present. The Scan Tool prompt the user to: It gives you codes with full details or definitions. Some manuals may be available at your local dealer, auto parts stores or local public libraries.

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Having a gadget to monitor you vehicle helps reduce the maintenance and operating costs while ensuring that you are always safe when on the road.

Some vehicles in and were equipped with the EEC-V system. Close autoscqnner programs on the computer.

Connecting the scan tool, Program mode – Actron Elite AutoScanner® CP9185 User Manual

Non-CAN vehicles Diagnostic Monitor Test receives test results for emission-related powertrain components and systems that are not continuously monitored. It gives you codes with full details or definitions.

Burn Location Burn Loc: This warranty does not cover any Unit actton has been abused, altered, used for a purpose other than that for which it was intended, or used in a manner inconsistent with instructions regarding use. With time autosanner first car started to acquire some glitches and every time I took it to the mechanic for diagnostics he always gave me a wrong evaluation since it would still bring up the same issues. Some of the information shown in text or illustrations is obtained using optional equipment.


Actron CP Elite AutoScanner | GoSale Price Comparison Results

Even if you have had no prior experience using an auto code scanner you will soon be able to work your way through all of the available features and start diagnosing your vehicles onboard computer.

Page Glossary BCM: Chrysler Diagnostics Section 7 — Chrysler Diagnostics Due to different processor calibrations used, all Chrysler functions for a particular vehicle may or may not appear as shown. So I purchased two extra ones to release some overload on the first.

Its user menu is extremely friendly so autoscaanner features and retrieving data is a breeze. Contrast Adjust Chrysler Diagnostics The above stored infromation can be reviewed for Chrysler vehicles. Ford Historic OBD I Diagnostics If throttle is moved after pressing and releasing the Scan Tool displays an error message indicating the test failed due to throttle movement.

Actron CP Elite AutoScanner – OBD II CAN & Optional OBD I ACTCP

The back-lit liquid crystal display LCD is a x 64 pixel display. Measurement units can be changed in View and Record Data. A vehicle not supporting an on-board system is identified by a message that is displayed when selected.

Page 5 Diagnostic Codes Menu Large, backlit, graphic LCD.

Comments to this Cp91855 Your Name. Follow all instructions on the display. The Scan Tool maintains only one recording at a time, so be sure to thoroughly review an old recording before erasing it. Work steering wheel Pump brake pedal and cycle overdrive OD cancel switch.


OBD II code library built into tool. Superior Cranking Power – The Genesis Battery is up to 3-times as powerful as equally sized conventional batteries. The Pocketscan reader can be used to read all import and domestic cars from to date. Be sure to observe the Scan Tool display for indications to perform these steps. OBD II enhanced codes – and newer. Page of Go. Select the type of data to view.

Air Delivery is not available for this item. Another impressing fact is that it can be used on a range of vehicles; hence I was able to use it on all my delivery cars which saved me a lot of cash since I did not have pc9185 buy each and its scanner.

The O2 sensor for cylinder bank 1 has prefix 1y while O2 sensor for cylinder bank 2 has prefix 2y. Sensor data Operation of switches Operation leite solenoids