Set to “no” if system time does it wrong due e. Make use of the following command to determine if the relevant wakealarm BIOS contents are proper. If the wakeup time is on the next year, the rtc timer doesn’t seem to respond well. Note that if you dual boot with Windows, then you should set it to “local”. Asus P8H61 with Ubuntu

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Note that the Idle Timeout time is the time you have to type your username and password when logging in.

ACPI Wakeup

This means you would normally need to shutdown the mythbackend first. As you noticed the echo to the acpi-alarm is commented out by default, because it is really better to check first if everything is working correctly time format the same on your BIOS and such.

An ACPI compliant system should have this interface. Acpu can be checked by wakfalarm I can not find also the way how and where to uninstal LEM I already have. In case the next “activity event” e.

Solved: G windows 7 ACPI – Lenovo Community

After installing either of them I get an unknown device hardware id: You may not see the change in the bios, but it should still work. Powering up after a power outage allows mythTV to reset the wakealarm so that future recordings are not missed. The reason for this recommendation is that most Linux distributions write the current system time back to the RTC when shutting down the machine.


For Fedora releases since Fedora 15, which use systemd, the hardware clock is not saved on shut down by default. Message 5 of The script is mature without critical bugs found for a long while.

I try your LEM and original LEM for my book and different LEM’s for other Lenovo notebook models and after every installation and uninstallation, I everytime reboot, but this type of hardware is always listed wakealrm unknown device hardware id: I’d like to try driver for another model, but I don’t know which model have this device too.

Register Sign In Help. Trigger wakealarm for 4 seconds in the future. In the BIOS, set your system to power on when power is restored. Before making complex scripts, do a simple test to ensure that a wakeup time can be written to the BIOS and that the computer correctly wakes qakealarm based on this time:.

Since control of the system shutdown aacpi managed by Myth and whatever command is configured into wkealarm Server halt command see Setup Wakeup Optionsyou will want to use the mode no. Message 4 of You must remember to log out rather than shut down when you are done with your session, allowing the mythTV backend to shut off the computer when it is idle. Murph – April There are a lot of fussy BIOSes out there. To avoid this, it is necessary to disable the writing of the current system time to the RTC by the system shutdown scripts.



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If supported by your environment, set the time to UTC Coordinated Universal Time ; UTC is the most desirable option because translation to local time is not required and daylight saving time is automatically handled.

Some users reported that their BIOS is only updated after writing 2 times acip the alarm file. Otherwise it seems to work so far. Didn’t have to tweak BIOS or hwclock. Installing powersaved will uninstall powernow which will prevent some systems from controlling their processor speed, and bring up an unattributed message box on every boot telling you it is unable to control the processor clock.

It looks like that this notebook model G have some uncommon rarely used wakeallarm of hardware. Make use of the following command to determine if wxkealarm relevant wakealarm BIOS contents are proper.