We will now install your new Acer Z laptop keyboard. Each Acer key from Machina Electronics is an original key, and we guarantee it will perfectly match your Acer laptop keyboard. View the back of your Acer Z Keyboard. All the parts needed to fix, repair or replace keyboard key s. Start by selecting the number of keys you need from the drop down menu. Specify which key s you need? If your hinge is exposed, you can use that for comparison.

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We hear about everything from vacuuming off keys to toddlers, dogs, and cats ripping keys off. Take a look at some of the most popular keys and thank you reponses we receive. This process is necessary in order to send you the proper hinge type for your keyboard. Dont worry if you are not sure what size your key hinge is. Step 3 Proceed to “Shipping Information”. Push the keyboard down and in place.

Russian Keyboard for Acer Aspire MS2220 5312 4730 4730Z ZO1 1641 5315 5930G 4520G 4510 RU Black

Once you have determined which hinge type model number matches your keyboard, simply select the Model number by: If your hinge asoire exposed, you can use that for comparison. Your cart contains 0 items View cart Checkout.

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If you have a long version keyboard and are ordering from a key from the numberpad, please let us know by typing EG: Fits Acer keyboard part numbers: Machina Electronics specializes in laptop and notebook computer repair parts. Acer Laptop Keys at Machina Electronics. Sometimes laptop keyboards can look the same on the outside, however they have different hinge styles underneath the keyboard keys. If the laptop keyboard has screw holes, then you now you need to remove screws from the bottom base of your plastic bezel.

It is easy to fix the keyboard if the sensor under the key still works when pressed.

Step 2 To remove a regular sized key cap from 47730z keyboard: Machina Electronics Over 90, satisfied customers since Your cart contains 0 items View cart Checkou t. All the parts needed to fix, repair or replace keyboard key s.

You just need to tell us the hinge model number and the keys asspire need, we’ll take care of the rest. Step 1 In this step you will tell us which keys to send you. Pull upwards until you hear a click. Now that your Acer Z keyboard has been removed your will need to disconnect the Acer Z keyboard cable ribbon from the motherboard.

Acer Aspire Z Replacement Laptop Keys

The first step is to view the top of the keyboard area, also known as the keyboard aepire bezel. We will now install your new Acer Z laptop keyboard. If the keyboard key doesn’t fit your keyboard, we work with each customer to exchange it for the correct replacement. View the back of your Acer Z Keyboard.


Acer Aspire Z Keyboard

Laptop keys can snap off and sometimes break the plastic clips and hinge parts under the key. Then place your finger underneath the upper right corner of your key cap.

The best way asspire find your hinge model is to compare it to a regular sized key hinge A, S, D Key, etc. If your keyboard has a plastic bezel above your keyboard, you will need to pry it out. Reconnect the Acer Z keyboard to the motherboard. Place the thin object between your Acer Z laptop keyboard and the plastic bezel, and pry out the keyboard.

We strongly advise against using glue or adhesive- the irreversable mess it makes of the keyboard can always be avoided with the right repair parts. Put your finger underneath the top left corner of the key.