Raising Funds Internationally With a Crowdfunding Platform? Engage Your Network

November 27, 2017


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Crowdfunding platforms and other types of personal funding websites are used more and more by NGO’s and people who seek to fundraise online. The internet gives these users the opportunity to truly expand fundraising efforts and transcend national borders.

Despite the huge potential, most campaigns are locally focused, meaning that the majority of the contributors usually come from one country. Once in a while, a campaign reaches out to donors internationally. These tend to be campaigns that are popular in TV and become viral for some reason. We see these happening in the case of people affected by tragedies like earthquakes, floodings, or some other type of personal tragic episode.

Reaching out to donors in several countries is not easy, but with tools like Facebook, Twitter and reddit, it becomes increasingly easier.

The number one asset that the user starting a crowdfunding campaign has is its own network. It is his network of people that will make or break his campaign. It is for this reason essential that the user engages and keeps his network interested in its fundraising efforts.

Creating a sense of urgency and excitement is essential for these type of campaigns, as it will make people share and expand the marketing efforts. Most people’s social networks expand to different places, beyond national borders and it is this sense of excitement that will make people engaged and supportive of the campaign.

Remember that every crowdfunding campaign needs a lot work beforehand in order to be successful. Not all crowdfunding campaigns are created equal. If you just upload a couple of sentences and write a couple of paragraphs like “help me pay my bills, I’m broke”, you’ll probably won’t receive much support. Every crowdfunding campaign comes across these type of user once in a while, and the truth is that not many people are willing to chip in and support these type of campaigns.

So if we could provide one key advise it would be to really study the assets that you currently have in terms of network. Check out not only your Facebook contacts, but also your email lists. Even those people that you haven’t heard of in a long time could be a key asset in multiplying your fundraising efforts. Shake the shyness away and drop them an email, tell them that you are starting a fundraising campaign and ask them to help you in expanding the reach of your campaign. You won’t regret it in the end.