Alternately, anyone have any experience with the Adaptec SA under Linux? Its certainly fast enough for me as I access all the files over gigabit ethernet which caps out at about the same speed. Tue Apr 08, You are probably right, there are far better products you can buy. I figured this wouldn’t hurt to try. Problem is, only the first 2 drives show up. The Marvell 88SX chip is supported in Linux kernel 2.

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Forums New posts Search forums. The known faulty disk failed as expected, but rather than suddenly vanishing from the SATA controller, the disk remained attached and proceeded to spew out seek errors for the next few hours, slowing down the rebuild process. You can find more information llnux this driver here: Found anything on my blog or any of my applications useful?

BTW, this card and chipset works fairly well in Solaris 10, unlike the newer Marvell based cards. Thu Mar 20, 6: This become much more worrying, since two bad disks in the array removed any redundancy that the RAID array offered me and would mean liunx any further disk failures would cause fatal data corruption of the array. I found your post by searching for the dmesg errors. Using this information, it would be possible for me to eliminate all the bad disks by removing the first one to fail each time till I had no more failing disks.

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Alternately, anyone 88ax7042 any experience with the Adaptec SA under Linux? So I guess I am stuck with getting the proprietary module working. I would think something like 3ware with BBU would be significantly faster on random writes thanks 8sx7042 the write caching.

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After doing a fair bit of research around the Marvell 88SX online, I did find a number of references to similar issues with other Marvell chipsets, such as issues with the chipset series, issues with the chipset and even reports of issues with Marvell chipsets on FreeBSD.

From that page I linked to earlier.

Of the 12x disks in my server, 2x are for the OS boot drives and the remaining 10x are pooled together into one whopping RAID 6 which is then split using LVM into volumes for all my virtual machines and also file server storage. The kernel just gets what the hardware reports, so when the disks vanish, it just tries to cope the best that it can. I would like to reuse the qnap case instead of just scrapping it.

Dec 15, Posts: I did a quick check on the forum for posts relating to the Marvell 88SX and the ones I have seen seem to be on the negative side more than positive, especially the one around “Kernel Panic” and “Can’t replace disk because pool is unavailable, even though its imported”. I was getting pretty tired of having to squeeze all my stuff into only a few TB, so wanted a fix no matter what.


Servers are beautiful, but also such hard work sometimes.

Awesome Linux SATA2 Controller: 8 ports for sub-$10 – Ars Technica OpenForum

You should have seen my jaw drop. Thanks for notifying me about that bug. I could not get the proprietary drivers to work, and the non-proprietary drivers are buggy. Originally posted by tinyMan: From Marvell, more then likely.

SATA hardware features – ata Wiki

I downloaded the Linux driver from the Highpoint site but I am having some trouble getting it to work. I was at an absolute loss and grabbing for straws as to why I was having so many issues with two different, brand new, cards. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript linuc your browser before proceeding. The regressions are in kernel 2. Another good page to check out is: OK that is definitely a good point.

Thu Apr 10, 8: Get a Highpoint card and use Linux raid instead of using the drivers for the fakeraid on the card. While these devices claim to have AHCI support, they have quirks that lunux to be handled.