Before any other drivers or progs etc. So then what exactly sets the AVE3 apart from the others? Yes, dalex the 4 in 1’s are the first thing you should apply to an OS running on a VIA based mobo – no exceptions. As far as his problem – a total reinstall would probably be your best bet. This finishes the first part. To do that, do the following:

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Also download the Delv. The 4 in 1 doesn’t include sound drivers. And frankly, I would not like to see it any other way. In this box, the ‘Look in’ section needs to say C: Delete every thing it stops on, no matter what it is.

The Mother Board

Depending upon the CPU you wish to install on this board, you must first verify whether the FSB jumper is configured correctly. This does not need to be applied if you had the Voodoo Banshee cards as the Delv. Clean layout and design permits me to think that Transcend spent extra time the planning stage of the AVE3. These aren’t just graphic related problems either.

However the reason it helps out here is that they include other drivers which provide general system stability and improve performance HEAPS. But 694-x686a will only be good for any registry problems involving vid card drivers. D Tried the 4in1. I was given advice here yesterday to do that for more major issues than this, and it worked. Of all the boards tested, only Soltek and Transcend have included these sensors with their motherboards.


It was certainly pleasing to note Transcend did take the more practical aspect of the situation.

I think I’ve missed something here Repeat Steps 4 through 9 for the words ‘Glide’ and ‘Voodoo’ as well Once you have done these you should be done with the registry removal part of this, the last part that remains is to remove the driver files themselves. Once you are done with all this, simply re-install the new drivers and the problem should be gone!

First of all, it is a well known fact that ISA cards are on their way out of existance and AMR devices have not seen much daylight at all.

I removed a v3 and did it this way Now click on Tools from this same menu and go to Find-files or folders. As far as his problem – a total reinstall would probably be your best bet.

Beginners Guides Cases and Access. WinXP does come with the 4in1’s but they are rather dated.: Now a full scale manufacturer of a wide range of motherboards and memory modules, 694x686a can be considered the “one and only” in the 694x-68a6 to specialize in both areas.


In this case one of the problems is the on board sound 694x–686a “issues”. Read on to find out Other than that, the board design is absolutely flawless.

About Us Employment Privacy Policy. Hit next and say YES to the warning that pops up.

If you do not, you may have to go through this process again to remove the remaining problems. Your system is probably going to be quite fouled though with confusing registry entries etc.

11/06/XA-2A6LJAB9C (AOPEN AX34) – bios_string – PC Rebuilding

Open windows explorer by right clicking the ‘My Computer’ icon and selecting ‘Explore’. I run XP and still install the 4in1’s. There is a seperate driver for the audio Of course this only will apply if you are upgrading to an NVidia card from a 3Dfx one. You will see later in this review why the AVE3 impressed us here and also why is just nearly missed receiving our Editor’s Choice award.