Saattvik December 24, at So i have completely rebuilt the whole thing using all new but identical parts and nothing! What is the 50r? C2 is a whopping uf but does not need to have such a high value. The chip was brand new.

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October 1, at Actually, i try to make my self a monster flyback like yours but i can not, I just made the first one based on the transistor. This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

Audio Modulated 20kV Flyback – Projects and Interests

I am using 1 mm flhback wire and 11 turns and i thinck my flyback is 4A model. I did tune the frequency for the flyback 39kHz and the performance is really nice.

In the schematic its written if RC1 not used short it, it will be open not short. I did find some errors I made though. What do you think is going wrong?

555 Audio Modulated 20kV Flyback

I get that you take the primary off the original supply rail, but do you leave the other side connected to the circuit? June 20, at Why does the schematic only have one transistorbut your build in the video has modulater


If using a resonant cap, use a quality polypropylene one, or HF ceramics with a high k VAr rating. My voltage source is 13 V, 10 A self-winded transformer. This is to prevent a parasitic turn-on of the FET uadio of Miller capacitance.

By the way i do not understand the ohms resistor and Uf purpose on the gate. This was made quite a long time modulatfd, I no longer have the original driver.

Wood is not an insulator — not at flyback output voltages. I believe it is discussed in some fljback comments. Comment Name Email Website.

Also the beam and focus should be turn down is that a clockwise or counter clockwise turn. To get a higher output, remember that this circuit runs on a fixed frequency and does not lock onto flybxck resonant frequency of the secondary as most SSTC does f. Mads in reply to the comment you posted to me, I agree.

Flyback driver #2: NE555 quasi-resonant

Here is ,odulated very simple schematic. If the control-voltage pin is not used, it should be bypassed to ground, with a 10n capacitor to prevent noise entering the chip. You are right about the difference in timers, as I mention in the conclusion, the is not able audo supply enough current to drive the MOSFET properly, but it should be known that cheaper chips comes with a down side, in this case, its lower output current driving abilities.


My mosftet no longer makes the squeeky noise, i assume this is a sign of the problem… Im relatively sure its NOT the flyback, and i tried with another psu with no luck….

Audio modulated flyback | Kaizer Power Electronics

December 5, at Hi once again, after hooking the cicuit up to a 12v power supply, there are only minute sparks forming, less than 1mm. Mads Just wondering, have you tried running this off fltback a higher voltage? A ignition coil would work, not from personal experience, but from what I have heard. Its polarity is shown backwards.

When you say the sound flybwck modulates the pulse width, does it actually turn the arc on and off or just control the intensity? Thanks for all the info everyone.

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