I play Adams Idea Pro Golds now and was looking to pick up more distance and forgiveness. There really is nothing to reshafting into the new sleeve according to my club fitter which is nice as well. I have hit the SuperQuad TP 8. No Headcover or Tool Included. Less of chance for you to lay out the sod.

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Told my buddy to keep his grip below the tape line and swing away with all he had. This is very important to me in that with age I have lost yardage on all of my clubs and need all of the help I can get.

THe other is it just plain looks cool. At the same time, the inclusion of MWT with three weights promotes a side-to-side trajectory change of up to 75 yards. Also shop in Also shop in. National Golf is an authorized TaylorMade Golf dealer. I drove two greens as well which shows the accuracy that it had as well.

Continuing with the concept of faster swing speed through the overall reduction of weight, the new Winn Lite grip tops off the Burner SuperFast. I like the R9 becaus e there are fewer adjustments compared to the R11S.


Posted 24 July – Posted 23 March – However, when I got on the course, I hit it higher than my Burner and was not as consistent in supettri fairways. His old driver was a R9 only a year old and he hit my super tri better and longer.

Media Reviews Today’s Tyalormade.

TaylorMade Launches R9, Burner Irons, and Rescue 2009 Hybrids

Like an idiot, I traded it in. I have played R9 I demoed one, played a round at my usual course and was a serious buyer But, moving the weights around, while it did have an effect, was confusing and sometimes counterproductive.

Even though the Burners are considered more of a game improvement iron than the others, the feel is pretty close and distance is noticeably better — about a club longer. I bought the G9 after reading all the great reviews.

TaylorMade R9 Supertri Drivers

Took them for a trip out to the range today. Quick question, if I may? I am looking at the same clubs.

Anyhow, the sulertri looks good with black colors, and feels comfortable at address. I also have the option of adjusting the shaft if I am having a bad day with my swing.

I’m adjusting to a slower swing speed so I decided to try the Supertri with a regularshaft. My previous driver was the R5 dual 10,5 with a flex shaft and I was htting that about to yards. Posted 10 November – I would like the movable weights with the adjustable hosel, but I want to keep the spin under control.


TaylorMade R9 SuperTri – Previous Model Year Reviews – GolfWRX

I hit 5 perfect draw shots in a row. Everywhere I go all I get is the data from the website reworded back in some different fashion.

Both versions are available on March 20th. If you wanted to tinker more often faylormade this is certainly the club to do it with and there is definitely an appreciable difference between settings.

Reviews: TaylorMade R9 Supertri Driver Golf Club | eBay

Nine Holes with Boo Weekley. I have actually lost distance yds from R9 because of the stiff flex.

Burner Irons The Burner irons were designed with blending more forgiveness and giving you more distance in mind. I like the fact that I can go with 1 degree closed for now and possibly with swing improvements adjust to neutral.